Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Scoop

There is something wrong with the blog, again, so forgive the run-on paragraphs. And I can't insert pictures! I don't like this website, there is always something wrong. But I have a gazillion posts on this since I started writing this in 2008, so I just pray its a temporary glitch, and I won't lose all these years of writing about my views and opinions, and what I witness each day that I am out there feeding Rochester's homeless cats. The kittens I rescued two weeks ago are still up for grabs. The family that met "the Twins" Brie and Colby are still thinking about it, and the other two have been temporarily named and I received this report from the kind girls that are fostering them: "Our favorite names are Izzy for the black girl and Blake for the tiger boy. They are both a bit small at 1.7lbs and 8wks. They have been treated for fleas, worms , and have their first shots! The girl loves attention and wants to lay in your lap all day. The little boy also likes attention, but wants to play with anything that moves (the dogs tail!) They are so lucky that you were there to get them off the streets. We will continue to search for homes for them. Let us know if you have any leads." I finally saw the kitten mama on Seventh Street this morning. She had been TNR'd last Wednesday, and I had not seen her since she was released back there the following Thursday morning. I did NOT see her remaining kitten, the one we could not catch, sibling to Blake and Izzy. I pray she is still alive, and that her mama just moved her for a few days. I still have not been able to trap the mother cat on Sixth, who maybe two months ago had her babies - there were at least six cats hanging here this morning, half have been neutered and spayed, half not. I am also not able to trap the mother cat on Hayward, she is usually around, along with the pretty calico that was TNR'd in her place just before she had her babies about nine weeks ago. This untrappable mom is mother to Brie and Colby. Apparently mother had at least six kittens. I have not seen any others here since. There is a very tiny kitty on Baldwin who waits for me each morning, she is a beautiful fluffy light grey, with a little white, and I suspect she is pregnant. She will let me just touch her nose, and then backs away quickly. All three cats here are very hungry by the time I arrive here each day, their bowls empty from the previous morning. Finally, I have not see Neck Wound Kitty in quite a while. I am very saddened by this because the poor animal has suffered from this wound for years. There are some I just can't help - on my own. Thats the news for the day. I wish you a good one!


  1. Still sending out prayers to your kitty Janine,I cant think of anything that you are not already doint to ease the suffering of these cats and bring just a little comfort to them in their fight to survive each day. Great job with those baby's and getting them prepared for adoption, I know what you go thru to get these not much handled kittens worked on. May God bless.

  2. Mamas are probably hiding their kittens since the others were trapped and taken away. I bet they will come out eventually.

    Holy crap! I just noticed that I actually did get the fundraiser widget to work on your blog. LOL! Praise God! Last I checked it wasn't working and I wasn't sure what to do next. Wooohooo!