Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mud On My Face

Well, I was out there this morning at 5:15 with tuna in one hand, and a trap in the other.  I set the trap on Hayward in hopes of getting the mama kitty, mother of Brie and Colby, and several others, and went on to my feedings.  I swung back several times, no cats in sight.  I crossed over Goodman and started on the second half of my route.  Meanwhile, on Seventh Street, Laura was out with her drop trap trying to get mama kitten and her one baby left there.  Thank God for Laura, she managed to get mama kitten.  After doing most of my spots, I went back to Hayward and grabbed the empty set trap, and took it to Sixth Street where there is also a new mama kitty (I have not seen her babies at all) of at least two months, and a family of tabbies, half of which have been TNR'd.  I set it and went on to talk to Laura on 7th, and then went back to find NOTHING.  They weren't buying it for some reason, even though they WERE hungry.  So Laura advised she would set up shop there - she had been hoping to get the kitten meanwhile.  So I went and got my trap, and left to get ready for work.  I felt bad on the way home, knowing I was promised two spots at the HFC clinic, and its not good when you don't bring in your allotment because you are taking a spot from another trapper who CAN get a cat.  I know I do all the right things when trapping, but its so unpredictable, they just weren't falling for my smelly tuna!

Regular Trap
 I found out that Laura was successful in getting a male on Sixth with her drop trap, so I don't feel as bad.  Yay!  Now I must continue to try for the mama on Hayward, the mama on Sixth, and the baby kitten left on Seventh!

Drop Trap
 I am off starting tomorrow - I will try to post here and there when I can.  Please have a safe and happy holiday week/weekend!

"Your kindness will be remembered much longer than your brilliance".


  1. Good work, both you girls, yes, Laura is awesome, if she cant get it done then no one can ! appreciate the both of you more than words can say. May God bless.

  2. I don't know how you two do it! Trapping just the right cat is like trying to win a carnival game. (And you know those games are all fixed!) Enjoy your time off!