Monday, July 8, 2013

Hazy Lazy Crazy Days...

So much going on this weekend. On top of the high humidity we’ve experienced since the springtime, and REALLY bad hair days, I am seeing extra sadness all around the neighborhoods. I see kittens, I see pregnant cats, I see injured cats, I see cats that are just too sweet to be homeless. My friend Kristin and her husband came by yesterday to try to trap the sole kitten on Seventh that we were not able to rescue when we caught her two siblings a week ago Friday. No sign of kitten, and no sign of the mama kitten there either, since she was TNR’d last week. I am heartsick over this, as this is a sole kitten of only 8-9 weeks old, and probably crawling with fleas, as her two siblings were. I have yet to hear an update from the two girls that offered to foster them. I am hoping to get one, with their names, and updated photos to send around so that they will be adopted soon. The other two kittens I rescued same day, Brie and Colby, the two orange twins, are doing well. I brought them in on Saturday to Petco where Another Chance Pet Rescue was holding their weekly adoption event, and one of the workers there gave them their deworming pills. They were then brought over to a very nice family out in Webster to do a meet and greet. I have to admit, I am not the best at trying to sell kittens, as they are a rarity to me. I have rescued hundreds of 5 months to adult age cats, and adopted them out no problem, but I was at a loss answering some questions about these tiny kittens. The only thing I was sure about was that they need a home quickly, they need permanency and love so that they can begin to build some trust with these big creatures handling them and carting them all over the place. I am hoping and praying they will be adopted together. Fingers crossed! Over the weekend I had some time to think about what I do. Day in and day out, I get up at 4 am. and head out the door at 5 am. for an hour long journey into the hood to feed over 50 cats (and raccoons, opossums, and probably a few rats!), costing me $100 per week ($400 per month) just to feed them (thats a really nice car payment, which I could use). This doesn’t include the usual fee of $35 per cat to get them fixed, and have their shots, and sometimes more than that when I need to rush a cat to my vet, which is well over $100. People have questioned me lately, like how long can you continue to do this? My usual answer is ‘until I am able.’ When you pull up to each spot and see three to four cats sitting there, knowing the sound of your car, and some running up to greet you with a hungry ‘meow’ that says FEED ME, and you get to their empty food and water bowls, and dump the liquid and food down, and they hungrily gobble it up, how can you NOT go and feed them each morning? I just don’t know how, or when the day will come when I give up. But in the meantime, I trudge forward.

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  1. I'm working on getting the new Fundrazr on your blog home page. Still figuring it all out. :)
    That would be wonderful if the kittens stayed together!