Monday, July 15, 2013

Casey, The Latest and Greatest!

Meet Casey.  I rescued her this morning off Garson.  A few weeks back, when I was doing my summer flower shopping for the few pots I have in the front of my house, I stopped at a garden store that is near me, and I've passed for over 10 years but never did stop to see what kind of flowers were in there, partly due to its 'not too tidy' look.  But I did stop, found a few things, actually the place has some gorgeous stuff, and noticed a kitty lounging on a chair inside when I went to pay for my flowers.  An older man was sitting behind the register, I said 'hello Mr. Case, I've been going past your place for years now, and you have a lovely little store."  I then introduced myself, remarked on his cat, and told him what I do for a living.  ha ha.  (rescue kitties).  He told me if I ever see a calico cat, he would take it.  So, lo and behold, I've been feeding 'Casey' since last year, and have wanted to get her a home, and now was my chance.  There was no struggle, she is a good girl, and I am leaving now to introduce her to her new home.  Mr. Case will keep her in a cage inside the place for a few days so that she can learn the noises, and smells.  And then pray for the best.  That she sticks around with her new companion.

These kitties were on the side of the road when I went to look for the extremely pregnant tortie I pet and fed Sunday morning.  I would have grabbed this very pregnant girl if I hadn't had Casey in the carrier already in my car.  As I fed these other cats, one being no more than 7 months old, and has already had a litter, I noticed a young black guy on the porch of a house with a very trashy looking property just down a ways and I went and began to talk to him, asking him first if he had seen the very pregnant cat.  He responded by pointing out cats that were coming out of the bushes in front of his house.  I was astounded when I saw how many there were, but none were the very pregnant girl.  I gave the man my cell number, he programmed it in his cell, and asked him to please call me if he saw the pregnant cat.  I told him what I did and he said he has seen me around.  He told me he feeds the cats, I told him I am trying my best to try to get all these cats neutered so that they don't reproduce, which they obviously are here, I offered him food and he pointed to bag he had already on the porch.  These poor wretched souls, please God watch over them. 

My little shelter on Baldwin Street has been removed and placed to the side of a fence there.  I now have to regain trust for a cat I was hoping to get spayed on Wednesday, although I STILL have not heard from the scheduler after several attempts.  I hope she responds to me soon.  I am losing faith. 

I took this picture on Sixth Street this morning of three cats out of six there - four I know have been fixed - the mother cat is not and I have not seen hide nor hair of the babies she had two months ago.   If you click on the pictures you can see them a bit better.  Yesterday I noticed a man in dreadlocks sitting on the end of a driveway here, with a large dog, and I pulled over and asked him if his dog was hungry.  Now, most people in most neighborhoods probably would not take kindly to that, as I thought about later, but he didn't seem to mind, and said no, he had rolls on his belly, and was fat and happy.  "Dutch" was a bull mastiff, and his master's name was Chester.  Turns out Chester is a very kind man - funny how we judge people on appearance without getting to know who they are really.

I am off to the golf course to work a tournament today, for work.  Tomorrow, little Penny and Pepper - the two orange kitties rescued two and half weeks ago, go to their new home.  God bless people that adopt kitties!  :)

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough." 


  1. oh Janine, Judy is travelling, and there's no clinic this week, or next!

  2. Good Job Janine - another kitty has found a home. You are ALWAYS thinking of your mission in life, no matter where you are. That's why we love you. Nancy C.

  3. Yes, we all love you ! is that the garden place on Empire blvd., ? b/c I will make sure to buy from them and will mention your name in recomending their business to me :)

  4. Casey, the perfect name for a kitty living at the Case store! Praying it works out.