Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Stuff!


This little rascal above is the kitten that my mom has.  She took in a stray at her home in Webster, which was quite unusual, because of the location, but the kitty, Penny, turned out to be pregnant!  I think you all remember the story that she gave birth to three kitties, and two died.  This little girl survived, and is now up for adoption.  She is the CUTEST little bugger!  Look at that face!  If she doesn't find a home this week, she will be going into foster through Another Chance Pet Rescue, which Julie, the president of the group, has kindly offered.  Its too much for my mother at the moment, so we need to find this little girl a home - and shame on me, we don't even have a name for her yet.



Of the two kittens rescued on Seventh Street, Blake and Izzy, who were taken into foster by two sweet girls, Julie and her daughter Liz, Izzy has been adopted and is on her way to her new home in Massachusetts!  I will share an update on her as soon as I get one.  A co-worker yesterday has shown some interest in Blake, so I am hoping that works out.  Maria took in my pretty girl Laura over a year ago, that I rescued from the hood.  Laura was pregnant at the time, and I am grateful that after her spay, I didn't have to return her to the streets.  She got a wonderful, loving home with Maria and was renamed Gypsy.  Fingers crossed!

And finally, take a look at these cuties.  These are the second pair of kittens that were rescued that one morning, and I found them a loving home.  They have a big brother, a big sister, and two great parents to care for them now.  And they obviously have a beautiful home to live their lives out in.  I am so happy for them!  What a great ending to what could have been such a tragedy.  :)

Russell and Pepper
Russell and Pepper

Mallory and Penny
Mallory, Penny, Russell, Pepper!

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  1. Penny's baby looks like a little racoon, and you know how much I love racoons !. This little girl that your mom raised deserves a great home, because of her struggle to live. I know you will settle for nothing less. The orange kitty's that looked so afraid in the original photos you sent out. now look totally different cats. Thank you for your endless effort to find the very kind family that opened their heart to them. This is a happy day indeed. xoxoxo

  2. Good Work, Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kids and kittens, so cute! They look very happy with their new friends. :) My calico has similar facial markings and her name is Sierra but my aunt wanted to name her Bandit because of her black mask. I don't think that's a nice name for a little girl though. How about Kierra? That was Sierra's sister's name.

    You do more in a day to help cats than most people ever do in a lifetime! Fantastic job finding the cheese kittens a home. <3