Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I just don't know how I do it...

Despite what I see each day, some worse than others, like this morning was pretty sad, I remain optimistic and hopeful, that someday, someway, the suffering will end for all the homeless animals in the world.  Somehow someone will find a 'cure' for this madness.

As I rounded the corner to my next stop, after my stop on Fourth and Pennsylvania, I became overwhelmed with emotion.  I had just left a feeding spot where a big red cat has been trusting me more and more.  He is a cat that last winter had a serious wound, and I didn't think would make it.  He reminds me so much of Big Red (Sandy), and another red I rescued that Nancy adopted - Jack.  Both gentle giants, I see so much potential in this kitty - but when I pulled up, he was lying upright on the ground, and beside him was a tabby kitten no more than three or four months old, sitting next to him, as if having a chat.  This is the kitten I've seen recently that runs into the garage of this boarded up, ready for demolition house that I feed behind.  A cat chat.  Thats what they were having.  The elder and the child.  It was a sweet and tender picture.  If only I had a camera.  But it saddened me at the same time, I thought, look at all the cats I've had spayed and neutered over the years in these neighborhoods, well over 100-120+ and then you see the failures...  the three pregnant kitties I could not get in time, the kitten here, where did she come from? 

Central Park Cats 7/15/13
As I headed to my last stop, I remembered the very pregnant tortie I had seen Saturday morning, and had been going back each morning to find it, so I did a loop de loop and headed back to Central, between Fourth and Fifth streets, and got out, put more food in the bowls I had left, and called for the kitties.  Out of the bushes came three kitties, one was the kitten I held the day before, whose milk ducts were full.  She is barely five months old.  She has already given birth.  I held her for a few moments, and she began to purr.  My heart became a lot heavier as I placed her back down on the ground, moved the food to under a large tree nearby, filled the water dish, and walked back to the car. 

I just don't know what to say, except I can't do it all by myself.  I feel as I walk one step forward, and then take two steps back.  I am so appreciative of people who have helped me in the past, but the majority of time its just not enough, little old me.

On a good note, the two kittens, Sgt. Pepper and Penny Lane, the two orange kittens I rescued nearly three weeks ago, will be going to their new home today.   I thank God for people like this, that welcome these orphaned animals into their home, and make them part of their own family. 

"You better live every day like it's your last because one day you're going to be right."


  1. Oh honey...you DO make a difference - to those you find homes for AND those you feed. Without you, there would be so much more suffering. I wish I could do more...if you think of something - other than taking in another kitty :) - let me know. I'm always there for you...I'm one of your biggest supporters Janine. Love you, Nancy C.

  2. Hear hear Nancy, thats what I want Janine to know too, and also as much as I would love to take more, I am at capacity with 7. Still breaks my heart even without Janine telling us of these things, I know what goes on. All of her supporters live for the next joyful moment when we hear of another trapping, de-sexing, adoption, new follower/helper,. for these dear souls, that will love us if given just the slightest attention.