Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thunder --- June 16, 2002 - July 17, 2012

Thunder - Summer of 2012

My boy, my buddy, my companion, my sweet sweet doggy, went to heaven yesterday.  Thunder was diagnosed with bladder cancer over a year and half ago, was given less than six months, but managed to hang on this long.  He did not suffer one bit throughout this time, he just piddled accidently - constantly - when he was left alone, but even that cleared up.  He wagged his tail, ate two good meals a day, and loved his 'walkies!'.  He stopped eating on Saturday, and with two weigh-ins in the past month, lost 17 pounds.  He will be forever missed, and joins his sister Jewels in heaven.  I told him just before he passed not to bite anyone.  Goodbye Buddy, I will miss you so much...

Thunder Bunder

There is a group of cats that I've been feeding the past few days on Central.  I counted six this morning. One has full milk ducts, another looks visibly pregnant.  I need help here.  None of these cats are fixed. 

Sir Winston, aka Winnie, aka Buddy!
Remember this guy?  I rescued 'Buddy' from the Grand Avenue two years ago this fall.  He was just a kitten at the time, and boy did he turn out to be one lucky kitty!  I adopted him out to a very nice couple who totally adore him and spoil him, and his half-sister Magic, to no end.  They renamed him Sir Winston!  Here is his latest picture.  What a cutie!!!!


  1. Oh Janine - I'm so sorry for your loss. You got extra time with your special Thunder and I know you'll treasure his memory always. He was a wonderful dog and companion. Nancy C.

  2. Another fur baby crossing Rainbow bridge, if only every one of them, had the life Thunder had with your family. Love the name "Sir Winston" xxxooo

  3. Oh... I'm so sorry about Thunder. Thinking of you! xoxo -Kim (Harold's mom)

  4. My heart is aching for you. He was a sweet dog and sure put up with a lot in a house full of kitties. I didn't know he had a sister; I'm sure she was at heaven's gate to welcome him!

  5. Oh, Janine, my heart aches for you & family. Thunder had a wonderful life and lived longer than predicted due to your love and caring. We will miss him on our walks.
    Hugs & xxxooo,

  6. So sorry to read this Janine. What a lucky pup to have you as his mama. I know he will be missed for a very long time. Sending you positive thoughts in the coming days & weeks as you grieve...xxoo