Thursday, July 28, 2011


You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.

-Adlin Sinclair

I need some encouragement. I have so many kitties right now that are so sick and in need of help. I tried again to trap the kitten this morning, but she is just not going for it. She now waits for me and star

ts crying for me when I get there. She is still so tiny. She is all alone right now, no adult or siblings left. I must get her. Also, there is a black adult long haired kitty that has a huge bump on the side of her face, God knows how painful that is for her. As she waits there for me each day, along with two young teenagers, all three very sweet, I wonder if she can actually eat what I put down. I must rescue her. And the big red cat that has the wound, he waits daily too. They must be taken out of their misery. I just need more space and money!!! Picture is of a rainbow in Loveland, Colorado taken just last evening!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesdays Words of Encouragement

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." I Peter 3:3-4

Thats nice! And so true... I mentioned in my blog yesterday about mentioning human interactions occasionally in this blog. After all, it can't be all doom and gloom with the occasional happy story! Can it? No, thats pretty much the case with me most of the time, but I like to mix it up. Nothing big, but I was going into a store the other day and just as I approached the door, I could see a woman was going to come out, and she was on crutches. So I opened the door for her to let her go without having to struggle any more than necessary. She looked me in the eyes, tucked her crutches under her arms, and proceeded to walk out, and walk right past me, and just kept going. I then said out loud 'you're welcome', to which she again didn't say a word. Now, this woman was a black woman, and the only reason I bring her color up is that there are resentments for some folks against white people, and this could be someone who harbors that. OR, it could be that she was just brought up with no manners. OR, it could be that her struggles were so huge she just couldnt' talk. I would like to think the latter, because I know that we all have our own crosses to bear, but whatever she was going through at that moment, I realize I shouldn't judge people, and I probably shouldn't have said what I did. On that note, I will focus on the kitties. I tried to trap the remaining baby this morning, but no luck. I did exactly what Heather did to get the little one yesterday. I will mention, sadly enough, I wound up bringing the baby to the shelter yesterday on my own. I could not get in touch with the angel that has been doing that for me. It was one of the hardest moments of my life. I wound up sitting there for a good 25 minutes in front of the place waiting for Heather to bring the kitten, and to watch the volunteers bringing out the dogs to walk, knowing they would only be brought back into their cages, it was devastating enough. I cried and cried. It brings me to the point of educating the many ignorant people out there that this is what happens when you don't spay or neuter your pet. We have too many unwanted animals in this world, and they have to suffer for it. Please spay and neuter your pets, and shout the same message to everyone you pass.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Capture #89

I am kidding about the number, I don't know how many cats I've trapped or rescued, or adopted, but the number is up there, for sure. Heather surprised me again this morning by showing up where the two kittens are left on Pennsylvania, and managed to trap one of them. I am so thrilled. Not thrilled, this is a very sad situation, but the suffering that little baby would have endured is now not going to happen. We have one more to get, and then there will be no more, there. Thank God. Because then I need to start to focus on a red cat that has a very severe head/neck wound. He is next for me to trap, and then its on to rescue for Spike, Red and/or Teddie. Although there are a few younger babies out there I need to get - very friendly ones that are now waiting for me each morning. A pretty colored kitty, and a pretty black kitty with a tiny white tip on her tail. The colored kitty has already had one litter so far. I can tell from feeling her belly. The mama-to-be on Second has most likely already given birth, somewhere, just dont' know where. She hasn't been seen by me in many days now. I am going to mix up my blog with human interactions I have in the coming days. I would love feedback, but I hope I am not judged by anything, I just want to share my thoughts, good and bad.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures, Finally!

I finally was able to download the pictures I took last week. One is of the puppies that I spotted on the corner of a street that I have a spot at, intersecting with a very busy travelled street. I don't know what happened to them because police and animal control does not tell the public about the outcomes of reports. Its like this big secret they have to keep. The sad part is the people reporting things never know the outcome, good or bad. I think its disgusting that we - the good guys reporting the bad guys - especially animal abuse - have to put up with this, but put up with it we must. I have no authority whatsoever to know the outcome of anything. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that we have a police society, but they are not there for the animals, they are there for the humans, the bad guys. There is no one in society that are policing the animals. OK, I must get off this rant - the other picture is of sweet Spike. He will be rescued very soon, I hope, but I must first get Teddy, as his ears are so severely infested that he makes this horrible noise when he scratches at them. Otherwise, he is a sweet sweet boy and I must get him first and get him healthy, then adopted. This weekend was pretty much as quiet as it usually is, but Saturday morning I was surprised by Heather, the girl from AnotherChancePetRescue who showed up where the two untrappable kittens are. I wish I had been ready with my net, but I wasn't, but she did try with her trap, but to no avail. They were still there this morning, hungry, dirty

and sick. I will not give up though!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Blog #3

Hi,blog readers its Brenna again well for the 3rd time:)Going to feed the cats each morning is really heart breaking and it makes you notice that some people are just absolutly heartless. I feel thats when people buy a cat that they buy ownership and can not leave that cat. When I was on the route I saw a cat that reminded me of one of those friskie cats on those commercials the striped one. I am sure auntie would take them in a heartbeat but she has no one to take them. 2 cats Red and the other unknown came up to me and rubbed aginst my legs and its so sad because they are very friendly. The unknown cat doesnt have a name. She is grey with dark grey stripes and white. I would love to name her so I will think of a name. She has already had kittens :( I think her name should be Kiyomi that means pure beauty because she is love at first sight:) Also Heather was there trying to help auntie trap 2 kittens that are full of flees and are very sick. :( dislikee! I have a special suprise for auntie so email me at to find out because AUNTIE CANT know!!!!! So whoever reads this please email me:) I am going to go now auntie needs to use it:) haha byeeee<3

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Friday...

TGIF. FOR REAL. Its been a long work week. Especially when the temps get to the extremes they have been this past week, who wants to put on a suit and pair of high heels. Yuck. On the weekends, I live in my flip flops and shorts. This morning was not unusual. Although I have mixed up my route because my first spot is back aways from the street, and very dark, so I go to a few others first while the

dawn is breaking and then go and do my 'first' spot, where my sweet little Spike waits for me, along with four or five others. I didn't see the pregnant Mama Girl at Second. I pray for her. I hate myself for not being able to trap her. It means more cats, which is just sickening. The two kittens were waiting for someone to feed them just down the road. They are just tiny babies, and I hate myself for not being able to get them either. I just really blame myself for not being more diligent in trying to get all these animals off the street. There are just so many factors, and I just can't spend my whole 'free' time trying, I have so many other things I need to do on a daily basis. And I am not being selfish, or am I? I really do blame myself for the overpopulation of the cats I feed, but if I had more help, I could have spayed a lot more than I have already. I have rescued so many cats. I have SUCH a hard time returning a cat back to the streets after its been neutered. Which is why I have rescued so many. They all turned out to be great companions to some very special people that took them. We just need more people like them! There are too many out there that are looking for a home. I am having technical difficulties with my camera at the moment, so the two missing doggies, and Spike's picture won't be seen until possibly tomorrow morning, Saturday, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I post pics of my own brood! This picture is of my dear sweet Boris, who I rescued five years ago in zero temps from under a truck behind a restaurant I used to feed at. He is FIV positive and has kidney failure, but is really doing great despite those diseases. I love him to death. I kiss him to death. He is my drooler boy. If you click on the pic you can see it more close up, and he is a beauty!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hotter than Haides

Pics today are of my Toonces and the other of Toonces, Barney and dog Thunder, all doing what they do best. Its going to be a scorcher today here... they are calling for 100 degree temps, with heat index much higher... We Rochesterians aren't used to this, except we are used to extreme humidity, and extreme cold, so really, this is just another pain in our ever changing weather patterns. This morning, I counted... I made close to 15 stops. Now, when I see a cat roaming in the hood at the unGodly hour of
5 am., I know they are most likely thirsty and hungry. So, I hop out quickly, shake my bag, and plop down a dish of water and food off to the side, where no one can mess with it too easily once folks begin to stir out of bed. I must have done that at six locations this morning, on top of my regular stops. At two of my stops, which are the only locations where the homeowner allows me to feed on their property, both men were out this morning saying hello. Wilbert, the Jamaican, who always tries to scare me behind his fence, and I always yell at him to stop scaring me. We have a fun relationship, he is a really cool dude who lives extremely simply, due to being extremely poor. He does own his house, land, and his little truck, but he doesn't have much else. Then there is Paul, who comes out to greet me with "goodmorning young lady". He is very respectful, and can do a mean wax job. He has waxed my car now twice, and both times, its superb. He cleans inside and out. He used to do the police cars when he worked for the city. He has his own formula, which patenting it is his dream. All my other locations are at abandoned houses. But this morning, my two sweethearts, Teddy and Spike. I tell them every morning that I will soon be rescuing them. I just need to get my own stuff under control at home, and save a bit of money, as they will cost me a few pennies getting them healthy, and neutered. I had trouble this morning with downloading the pictures I took yesterday of the two dogs that were on the loose, and of Spike, so I apologize. Please stay tuned to tomorrow's post where I hope to have them posted. The kitten situation, the owner of the house, despite my notes to him not to feed them because it makes it harder to trap them when their bellies are full, continues to put down food. I am grateful they are not starving but they need to be rescued, and also Mama cat has not had her litter, yet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What a nutty morning. First off, pics attached are of Teddy, who is on my list to rescue. You might recall I tried to rescue him as I was able to hold him, but when I went to put him in my carrier, he flipped and stayed away from me for quite a while. He is back trusting me, but I have no where to bring him for now. The other pic is of a cat I've been feeding on my porch forever now. She won't

let me get near her, but she is there every single morning waiting for me to bring out her little dish of wet food. She is spoilt! Although there were signs of a raccoon on my porch this morning. Got into my seed and stale bread for the birds. Little devil. Porch kitty is pretty, but very shy. Do not know where she came from, but she just won't go away. I am glad I leave my door open for her though in the winter time. She sleeps there on a cushioned blanketed chair I make for her in zero degree temps. This morning started out almost as normal, although I mixed up my route a bit because I wanted to get a picture of Spike so had to wait for it to get light out, so made it close to my last stop. I got the picture but need to download it so will have to wait. I love Spike. He is first on my list to get off the street, just need a home for him! As I was leaving my third spot, on Central, I spotted two small white dogs on the corner, with collars and tags. Thought they had just been let out for their business and were right near their house. As I got to Seventh, where Spike is, I saw them on the corner of that street. So mind you, they travelled all the way down Bay from Second to Seventh street. I took a picture of them as they sat on the corner, and as I started to get out of the car, they started to take off. One followed the other. They headed toward Goodman. I called 911, cop met me later down past Goodman as I followed them, but stated there was nothing he could do. And Animal Control didn't start for two hours. Well, isn't that something. What a town we live in, eh? UGGH. Pitiful, really. Sweet little things, but had no regard for the traffic, etc. I was already running late, so I had to leave. I will post their picture tomorrow morning for you, and I just pray they get found safe and returned. At my spot where Red waits each morning, a car had been following me and pulled up beside me where a white woman and black man started talking to me. They were both as high as kites. Just before, after I gave up on the dogs, I checked in with a hooker on the corner asking her if anyone had been looking for the dogs, and these freaks thought I was trying to buy some drugs. Dont' worry, I am very careful. Talked to them in my car. She tried to tell me she knew me, and I thought back that maybe I could have gone to school with someone like this, and they took a very different path than me. So sad, to be that high, and driving around trying to score at 6 in the morning. I told her I was just feeding the homeless cats and she looked at me like I was from Mars. Go figure. Spotted Poppi this morning. Thats the good news.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

So I stay away from the kitchen. Its warm out there. I sit here in my nice air conditioned space, and don't take a second of it for granted. Our nation is burning right now - I actually drove to work this morning and said a prayer for rain! Even though most days I dread rain because its so hard on the kitties out there. They suffer enough with the moist humidity. Everyone was around this morning, I tried to trap at Hayward, but they just won't fall for it. Both reds are there, but not the very sick kitty that I posted her picture the other day. Red is fine, but the other larger red kitty has a severe ear wound. No one will fall for the nice tuna inside the trap. I leave it for almost an hour too. Not sure why they are not falling for it! I did notice that Poppi has been missing from Third. I continue to pet Spike every morning, telling him I will be saving him soon. I just have to have everything timed right. He will require money, and I need the extra space to house him until I can get him fixed and adopted. He needs to be tested first also. He is such a nice boy. Its hard to get his picture because he is at my first stop each morning, and its still dark then. I am now out for a complete hour with all my rounds that I do each morning. You would consider me crazy with how many stops I make now - and I keep telling myself, its just for the summer. But I place so many bowls around now. Especially in this heat. Pray for rain!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Heat is on... again...

We started the year with continuation of the below freezing temperatures, and the cats barely survived. Then we went into extreme heat for the very early spring, along with very wet conditions. We are now in a drought, with temps forcasted in the 90's this week. Thanks to a great friend of mine, I now have an air conditioning unit in my window, as my central air bit the dust last spring. And let me tell you it was a brutal summer last summer. But most of the kitties have survived, with several rescued, and several of those adopted. So all in all its been a good year so far! I am just so grateful I am able to provide water for these cats. I place water bowls all over the area, even in areas where I don't feed! There are cats all over, and when they see me place a bowl down, they run over as soon as I leave and I know they are grateful. The two kittens remain out there, left on their own. I stopped trapping them for now because I need a second person to sneak up on them while I distract them and catch them with the net. I have no one to help me right now. I have been trying to trap past two mornings on Hayward for the very sick fluffy kitty with severe wounds on his eyes. Also the large red there. He has severe wounds on his ears. I also cannot get soon to be mommy cat on Second as she doesn't come too close, and there are too many others I would trap before her. I couldn't be that lucky a second time! So, if any of you are bored some Saturday morning at 5 am., come with me to get the kittens! :) The picture is of Barney and Boris, both my rescues, loving the fresh air on my porch. Boris is suffering from FIV, and kidney failure, but is doing great. I love my grey kitties. I have three! (Smokey not pictured). UPDATE on dog abuse - apparently Animal Control was there Friday. Phew. Thank God. I don't know anymore than that!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday - Whadda Day...

I first started to post today around 9:30 am. Its now 6:30 pm., and here I am. Not a word typed. I've had a CRAZY day off with my niece and her little children running around. Crazy. And now, I can't even remember my morning, besides shopping, cleaning and cooking. But I did get up as usual, at 4:20 am. and fed my indoor babies, and out the door at 5:00 am. to feed my outdoor babies. At my first spot is a kitty I've named Spike. He is a pretty boy, and I've been feeding him since there was a vacant house on this property. He has been through many winters, and never let me get anywhere near him. Today, I can successfully say, I applied a flea treatment to him. He is now trusting me to let me pick him up, not hold, I am too nervous about that, but pick him up a few inches from the ground. I want to rescue him so bad. I just need to get him to really trust me so there is no fight. There are five other kitties there, and they are all friends. Its been very hard on Spike. He is a tough kitty. I have watched him through sickness, he looked like he had a bad upper respiratory infection, but looks better now. Do they get better on their own from that? I keep a close eye on him. Spend a few extra minutes with him in the morning. The rest of my spots, tried again to trap the kittens, this time hiding behind a trash can with the net, but too smart they are. They have bad eye infections. Will keep trying. Same with pregnant Mama on Second Street. She just won't let me get her. I can't put a trap or the other eight or so will go in it. And she won't get near me with the net in hand. What to do. What to do. No news on the dogs that are being abused. I can't do anything without an address to report it. I will continue though to find out. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never Ending Kitten Saga

This morning, with fish net and carrier in hand, I attempted again to first 'catch' the pregnant mommy on Second (see pic). She has been getting a little closer to me, they all were, because they were all starving due to what I tried to shoo away yesterday morning - (see pic). They are pigs, and won't be intimidated by me whatsoever. So the poor cats go for the day without food after I leave. Anyways, I almost had her netted, but she was too quick, and is now fearful of me once again. I will not give up, although she is ready to pop. I then brought net and carrier to the remaining two kittens on Pennsylvania. Only saw one little red baby, not the other, and its one eye is half closed. It needs to be saved. I will not give up. Mind you I just have so much time to spend doing all this. There is no update on the dog situation I mentioned in yesterday's blog. There is nothing I can do without the address, and they won't give it to me. I will say its a sin to allow anything to be abused, no matter what the cost. I even had the nerve to go up to two Town police officers when I went for my dog walk after work yesterday and asked them about it, and they were kind enough to give me phone numbers of the net offices surrounding the area, but without the information, I can do nothing. I am action oriented, so why bother to tell me in the first place if we can't do anything about it. Its just upsetting.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Offsite Today!

I have an offsite meeting today so this won't be a long post, the computer I have at home is slower than molasses and it really turns me off waiting and waiting and waiting for it to make one move. So, to be brief, I have pictures that I will post tomorrow, no luck with the remaining two kittens - saw them, but no luck. The pregnant kitty on Second is very pregnant and I had a brilliant thought before I left there. As long as I have the fish net, I will use it tomorrow on her, as she will let me get somewhat close, but there are so many others around that it would be impossible, nearly, to trap just her with a cage. I will try for her and the kittens AGAIN tomorrow. Never give up, never give up, never give up. I have a question to pose to anyone who will answer. If you had a friend who's co=worker told you that she has an elderly mother that lives next door to people who are training their pit bulls for fighting, and you would have to testify as to what you've seen (per animal control), but are afraid for retaliation, what would you do. Would you ignore it? This puppy and adult are kept in cages in the back yard without food or water. Would you ignore this due to fear? What is the law? What would you do??? What can I do??? I need advice on this one.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Guts, No Glory

I am referring to the little grey kitty I scraped off the streets on Sunday morning. The thing is, I found another with its face smashed in on Monday morning. Most people have no regard for hitting an animal and just leaving it in the street, to be hit over and over again. Some people make me sick, and I know its not the majority of people that are this heartless, but there are a lot, especially in the neighborhoods I go into. I buried baby #1 in my garden under a large hosta. Wrapped in a pretty soft blue blanket from the hospital I work at. The second baby is not as lucky to be buried in my yard, but it is wrapped in a soft clean white towel. I feel so guilty leaving it by the side of a building. I just couldn't keep bringing these dead animals home with me. I just buried the Seventh Street bunny a few weeks ago in one of my gardens also. I have a tiny place, so its not like I have a ton of burial space. Sunday morning, I was given the opportunity to TNR a cat from one of the spots I feed at. So off I went, with two traps, and set the first one at the kitten spot that I won't give up on, and the second was set on Second Street where there are a ton of kitties, including a very pregant one. I placed some fine smelling tuna, and went on my way to feeding at my other spots. Well, after an hour and a half, no bites. The kittens I've learned will not go into the trap, so I've been bringing a fishing net with me. The other trap is really a piece of junk, and twice when I went to check on it, the door was shut, so it must have closed really easily, by the wind perhaps! So, sadly it just didn't work. I know there are folks who are probably mad at me for not getting one, but what can I do. I do what I can, and I try my best. My focus was on the three kittens mostly, as they are suffering a great deal now. Their eyes are practically shut. They are only 12 or so weeks old. No mom in sight. But I do have somewhat good news. I was able to get one this morning, the one with the most infected eyes. Its so so sad to see this angel, but I know this is the most humane thing for me to do for it. I have to believe that. I have to continue to try to get the last two, and then get the very pregant mom on Second. Say a prayer for me! Picture is of the kitten I got this morning.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sacrifices we Make for the Sake of Animals

The following was sent to me this morning by a very caring lady who runs Pet Pride in Victor. She occasionally donates food to me and she must read my blog, thank God someone does! I am sharing this with you instead of my weekend update, which includes a lot, but I may write more on that later in the day for tomorrow's post - because its important too. But when I read this, I teared up, as usual, but its just so true. I am not the only one who cares for animals, but I am on the front line every morning, I see whats going on with the ones I can care for. Its pretty sad, but there are also so many good stories that come out of what I do. This girl must have a blog, which I will look up, but her words could be identical to my feelings also. And I have sobbed just like her thinking about stuff. I woke this morning at 3:30 when my dog needed to 'go'. I layed there for 20 minutes after thinking about the three orphaned baby kittens I still can't get myself. Here is this girl's comments:

IF you’ve been a regular reader of the Kitty News Network blog, you may have noticed that I’ve started taking a more personal approach to the stories I share with you. And to my surprise, this has had some unintended consequences. I do my best to share stories with happy endings, but unfortunately, a lot of those stories do begin with a tragedy. Although I certainly felt pain and anger when I reported stories of abuse and neglect, writing those stories as “straight news” allowed me to put an emotional buffer in place as I made those articles as impartial and factually based as I could. But being more of a blogger and less of a reporter has stripped me of my ability to keep that emotional distance. As I lay in bed last night before drifting off to sleep, I pondered what I’d write about in this, my first KNN editorial. I started composing an article in my head, when suddenly all the stories of abuse and abandonment, the horrors of “shelters” full of sick and injured cats, finally hit me. Hard. And I wept. Seriously — wept out loud. I cried like I haven’t cried in years. I soaked my pillow with tears as I said prayers for all those cats that never had a chance at a decent life of love and caring, that lost their lives or were permanently maimed at the hands of cruel and sick individuals. I soaked the fur of my elderkitty, Siouxsie, who’s shared my life for 15 years now, even as I reassured her that I was going to be all right and thanked her for her kindness. As my tears slowly stopped flowing and my chest stopped heaving, I thought about the shelter workers, the rescuers, the veterinarians, the animal cruelty investigators — all the people who see this stuff every single day. How can they stand it? I wondered. How can they even get out of bed in the morning when they know what’s in store for them? What kind of emotional strength does it require to simultaneously have the compassion to gently hold an animal as it receives life-saving treatment — or takes its final breaths — and at the same time, to aggressively prosecute a case against an abuser or provide medical treatment for a cat that has been the victim of cruelty? How do these incredible people manage to hold it together and do what they need to do? How do so many of them avoid burnout when they’re faced with such horrors on a daily basis? I don’t know, but if you’re one of those people, I salute you. I can’t even begin to express my profound gratitude and admiration for the work you do. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the lives you save, for the sacrifices you make for the sake of the animals who need you, for the strength and fortitude that keeps you going … and for your compassion and your need to seek justice for those who can’t speak for themselves. May you be abundantly blessed in every way — because you surely deserve it!

Friday, July 8, 2011

SPRACK - (adj) Sprightly; lively; brisk; alert

The picture was taken just this morning by a good friend in Colorado - out her back door - Colorado is so beautiful. This is just a blip in the sphere of beauty there... (did that make sense?)

Sprack - that was NOT me this morning. This stuff gets tiring... I was on my way to my spots this morning, and my at least 10th day in a row of trying to trap the two kittens, and I thought to myself, I don't want to do this anymore. I am 'burnt out'. I want to be able to stay in bed in the morning. I dont' want to have to set a trap for these kittens, and an hour later they still won't take the bait, and I have to see their little faces as I have to leave them, having to go to work. There are folks who question my need to have to bring cats to the shelter on occasion , where their fate is pretty much sealed. If you were seeing what I see each morning, at least one very sick cat at each spot, some cats with gaping holes in their heads or necks, some with severe eye problems. And the poor red kitty that I picked up last winter literally frozen stiff in the front of the abandoned house I feed at - you watch these cats suffer and tell me its humane to keep them out there. Give me a better alternative, one that you can help me with. Then I will rethink my strategy. But until then, I cannot watch these animals suffer. A friend shared with me the following story, I just thought it appros pos to end the week with this: Just simple, childhood memories... I know I told you about when I was a boy on the farm. We had barn cats. The dominant female was Rosebud. She was a ferocious mouser but so gentle with me. I have photos of me very small pulling her tail—laying on her-draped around my neck. She loved me and I her. She must have thought I was her human. When she would catch a mouse—she would bring it and present the mouse to my Mother for approval. Once she got the “approval”—she picked up the mouse and carried away. When she would have a litter of kittens—she would bring them one by one to the back steps where my Mother and me would be sitting. Outside. She would show off her new born with mother’s pride. And get her ears rubbed. Then she would pick the kitten up by the neck (as they do) and carry back to the birth nest. Then bring up the next one and so on. After a while—we’d wonder if she was bringing up the same kitten for second pass cause there were always so many. So watching this miracle of life—After the third kitten trip—I decided to follow and find the “birth/nest/place”. She would not let anyone else follow her. But on this day—she waited for me. Walked a few yards and stop—check to see if I was still coming. Now remember—I was pretty young. Just old enough to remember this event. I can remember my Mother calling to me from the steps to not go into the back sheds. Anyways—that’s where she went and I followed. Amazing. I can’t remember how many exactly—just knew there were a lot of tiny eyes closed kitties waiting for their mommy. She got in and nursed them and showed each one to me. I still miss that cat. She was special to me. The two Himalayans I had in 1979 were also special. But still not the same as my Rosebud. So that’s my cat story of the day. .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fly High Little Birdies

I was sitting in my yard yesterday after work, enjoying the hot and humid air - NOT - having a glass of chardonnay, just listening to the sounds of the birds. It's usually pretty quiet in my hood, even at that time. As I sat there I observed a number of birds fly to my birdbath, and watched them sipping water, taking a dip, and then fly off into the trees. The cardinals would make a little chirp , and they constantly are watching out for their predators, the hawks that like to come for a meal occasionally. I watched these birds soar high up into the sky and go to the tree across the street. I thought how cool it must be to have that power. I would love to fly! To see from that view of everything. I could satisfy my desire to see behind people's houses, as usually the backyards are most people's sanctuaries. If the house looks nice in front, you can bet its even better in the back! Anyways, after a glass of two of wine, I was almost asleep. My days are very long, and by evening, I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. My friends laugh at me but its true! Try doing what I do each morning at that god-awful time! Today was as is every other day, except no encounters with anyone, unless you want to count the guy pushing his car around the corner of a street that went downhill. Apparently if he could just make the car coast he could start it. I offered help, he looked like he was going to pass out from pushing, but he didn't want it. It didn't work in the long run because I later came back to see if I had any luck trapping the kitten there and get my carrier before I had to go to work, and the car was still there. No luck trapping the kitten - used tuna today. A friend has offered her fishnet, which I will try tomorrow. Have not seen the pretty black pregnant kitty at my last spot. Poppi has been missing for five days now. There is a pretty pregnant female on Second I really want to get. But there are 8 other cats there and I don't know how I would get just her to go in the trap. Bethany did not have any more babies - I wrote yesterday it was believed she had one dead one unborn. But she is well, Teenie is well, everyone is doing great. So, I will go and sit in my back yard again this evening and contemplate. Its what I do best. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teenies Babies!!!

Meet Teenie's babies!!!!! Are they NOT adorable??? And guess who else had their babies yesterday??? Bethany! She had SEVEN!!! She has one left inside that may not be alive. Will keep you posted after she gets back from the vet. Can you believe it? These kittens would all have been born outside, and most would have not survived. And the ones that did would be multiplying and multiplying and multiplying. I am just so happy I was able to rescue them just days before giving birth. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. And so grateful to Another Chance Pet Rescue for taking them in. And to Heather being the mid-wife, literally, to them all. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! On another note, there are two pregnant cats that I've seen out there now. What to do, what to do, what to do.... I also was not successful in trapping the remaining two kittens. They are stubborn little guys. Actually, I dont' think they know how to walk into the very long Have a Heart trap. I have tried to leave a little trail of dry food, the only food they know how to eat right now, but its not working. They are getting sicker and sicker out there. If anyone has any other suggestions, it would be most appreciative. Please keep in mind I have only an hour in the morning to do all of this. I need help! On a happier note, as I pulled up to my second to last spot, where Red waits for me patiently each morning, I spotted another kitty on the corner before Red's place, jumped out, put a little food and water down, and as I turned around there standing was a boy of about 8 or 9, asking me if I was the mailman. I had on a hospital scrub top, but didn't think I looked like the mailman. Anyways, he said he had something he needed to mail. He turned around, ran back to his house, ran back and asked me if I could mail in his card for a subscription to NintendoPower - a magazine for kids. He mentioned something about living with his grandmother. He really was a sweet little boy, a little slow (minded) from my observation. I told him the mailman would be coming, but he insisted I take it. I really think he thinks I was the mailman. Anyways, thinking about it, I am tempted to order this for the little boy, and send him a note that I sent the card, and that he didn't have to worry about paying for it, that it was my gift, and all I wanted from him was to care for the animals. My heart goes out especially for the children, that live in such poverty. I don't know how he would be able to pay for this magazine subscription ($19.95), but I want to help him. I just wonder if its the right thing sometimes. I suppose its a kind thing to do, maybe not right, because I certainly can't afford it! Right Mom??? :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome Back to ME!

I miss posting every day, I really do! I just have such a lousy slow computer at home its hard to sit at it when there is gorgeous sunshine outdoors, and at night, too exhausted due to being up at 4 am. every day! ugggh! When will I get a break! But it was a busy weekend. I trapped Pennsylvania Street kitten #3 on Saturday morning. I still need to get the last two. But I will die trying. Those poor babies. I don't think their Mum is around either, so its very important I get these two feral orphans. One has two very infected eyes. I hope you all read the last post done on Friday, and I will give you an update now on Lightning. I rescued Lightning, and he wound up getting adopted lightning fast! There are SO many wonderful animals wandering our streets, please consider adopting an adult rescue! I am going to try to update you on some of the wonderful kitties I've rescued lately. The pics attached are of Lightning. I rescued Lightning just two or three weeks ago from the same spot we are trying to trap the kittens from. Thanks to Another Chance Pet Rescue, who once again took responsibility for him , he has been adopted! Lightning was brought to us with a nasty infected head wound, in rough shape and clearly been out on the streets for a while. We tested him for FeLv and FIV and he initially tested + for feline leukemia. Fortunately the test didn't look quite rite, so he was re tested and thankfully was negative. He has no idea how close he came to having to be euthanized! He was given antibiotics for his infected head/ear wounds, neutered and vaccinated, and sent on his way. Unfortunately we didn't have any room for him, so he had to stay at Petco in a cage for a few days until we found a foster to take him home. She fell madly in love with him instantly, and was even thinking of adopting him. However, she knew he would be easy to place because of his sweet and docile nature, so she posted him on our website and craigslist. Within 20 minutes, we had a perfect application for him. The woman came to meet him that night, less than a week after he was taken off the street, and adopted him. She could see beneath the healing wounds and scabs, at the wonderful and loving boy he was. Now he has his forever home. Who would have thought!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reality Check

I got a dose of reality and how dangerous it is what I do sometimes when I was getting into my car after setting a trap for the leftover kittens on Pennsylvania, and I found a ID card on the street, and at second glance saw a leather wallet. I picked up, called 911, they met me at my next spot, thanked me and said it was most likely from a robbery that occured the day before at that location. I just keep an extra eye out - the one in the back of my head. I am always keenly aware of my environment before I even open the car door. I have some really great news though, Teenie is a mommy! She had three babies out of her little 9 month old body. They are adorable, and from all reports from Heather, they are all doing well. We are now waiting for Bethany, the kitty we trapped the same day, to have hers. She is pacing, as she went into labor two days ago. Will keep you updated. At the spot where there are THREE remaining kittens, one red, one grey and white, and one tiger, and let me tell you these kittens are still so tiny they can fit in the palm of your hand. Anyways, I set the trap again this morning, but no luck. I don't think the remaining kitties (we've already trapped two) know how to get into the trap. But boy are they hungry. I placed a little dry food down for them after failing to get them on my attempt this morning, and quietly crept back to them while I could see them eating, and they let me get very close. If I only had a big butterfly net, I could have gotten both. One has very infected eyes. They are tiny little things. Its heartbreaking to know they are out there. Haven't seen Mommy in a while. At my last spot, there is an EXTREMELY pregant black cat with a collar around its neck. I really really really need help trapping these cats. I just can't do it myself. I have only so much time to devote to this, I need someone who can pick up after I need to go. There are these three kittens and the one black mommy. I wish someone could step up to the plate and help me! I attach a picture - as blurry as it is, of the little red Pennsylvania kitten. Tomorrow I will have some updates for you! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!