Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

Bad news:

Every year its something.   Something devastating happens to one of my shelters and leaves me nothing but worry worry worry as to what to do for the cats that this displaces.

I received a message yesterday from the neighbor next door to the first spot I have on Melville, number 1, that the spot I place the food in, along with three shelters, has been boarded up.   She wanted to prepare me for what I would see the next morning.  She is also concerned there are cats inside.  There was a hole in the foundation that the cats would nestle in.  Her granddaughter saw the boarding up while my friend was at work. Nothing shocks me any more, but I am resilient to finding solutions, even if they are temporary.  This morning I placed the food and water on the porch of the house.  It was POURING nearly the entire route today.  I also listened behind the boarding for any crying from cats.  Nothing will stop me from feeding those starving cats.  And getting them spayed and neutered.  God tests our strength each and every day.  He's definitely testing mine these days.   

Today was TNR TUESDAY.  In between the pouring rain, and setting two traps hoping to get one kitty, plus the very ill one that is slowly starving to death because he can't eat because of his mouth injury.  He keeps moving from one spot to another on Central.  I set the first on Parsells next to DeGeorge Ceilings, an old firehouse. There are now about six cats I see, since I TNR'd a cat that had been lactating a few months ago.  Her babies are big now.  There are also more adult cats.    Moving on,  I set the second trap on Second and Central where I saw the injured cat yesterday, but nothing. I did all my stops, went back to find this kitty in the first trap, and then finished up at the second trap.  It was my last stop, and still no kitty would go in that trap.  There are kittens there too.  Nothing.  Prior to picking up that trap, I fed at the original location that injured kitty has been - and he was there.  I even touched the top of his head as he tried to gobble the food in his very injured mouth, but he wasn't having any of that.  It was upsetting, he just won't go in a trap.  So I wound up with just one kitty.  And I can't get his picture because I keep living my cell phone in the Jeep, thinking he wouldn't be at that spot. 


A note from a former adopter - they adopted Syd and Joanie, the kittens from Syd and Johnny's Garage on Bay Street, and I still feed their momma every day there..  :( 

Hey Janine,
    I hope any of your potential adopters who are thinking of only getting 1 kitten, will reconsider and take 2. These two are approaching their 1st Bday soon. They are still best friends and play, sleep, and watch all the outdoor critters together all the time. They really are the dynamic duo!


I cannot imagine what would have happened if they were separated. Piper just adores her sister Sydney! (note her arm around her.) 

Thanks for the update Liz.  I always appreciate these.  Its what helps me to continue my quest to save every last one of them, one at a time!  

One last note, I left a plastic tote sideways on Niagara and placed food bowls inside so they wouldn't get wet for the 6-8 cats that are now homeless once again because of the bastard that took my shelters.  As I was getting back into the Jeep, a police car had driven past, and now had turned around and had his lights on.  I got in to the drivers seat, door open, and waited.  What was he going to do?  Was he going to tell me I couldn't feed there?  Was he going to ask me for my license which I don't carry in the mornings?  He walked up and immediately said Oh, I see you are feeding the cats - sorry!  He said 'my partner told me you were feeding cats - Have a good day!  he said with a smile.  I thanked him and told him to be safe.  :)  Love you guys.  You men and women in blue.  Love love love!

Have a great day!

"Your acts of kindness are
iridescent wings of of divine
love, which linger and
continue to uplift others
long after your sharing."

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  1. Aww, look at those two babies! I love it when one puts its arm over the other. Mine used to do that.