Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Outta Sight, Outta Mind!

HAPPY says HI!  I am available for adoption!  :)
Today was supposed to be TNR Tuesday.  Last evening, after work, I sat out in my backyard – where lately is the only place I can find some inner peace.  Its quiet, and I don’t have to look at kittens, or talk.  I go back there to check my messages from the day, and open mail, maybe have a cocktail, or two, and just chill.

As I was sitting there, I started to think about tomorrow – which is today.  I knew that Brownie, Chippie and Fudgie were going in for their spay/neuters, and I also knew I had two spots available at the clinic for TNR.  In order for me to do TNR, I have to set traps in the city, in the dark, at 4 am.  In order to ensure I get two cats, I set 3 or 4 traps.  Now after I get the traps set, I set off to go do my feedings at 14 other locations.  Now you shouldn’t leave cats that are trapped alone for very long, so in between feeding, I am usually running back to check on the traps.  This is a very time consuming thing to do, so Tuesdays take much long for me in the morning, which leaves me less time to get ready for work.  Lately, my routine includes caring for the kittens I have at my house.  So that would mean less time to care for the kittens as well.

So I began to feel overwhelmed.  On the one hand, if I trapped two cats, they would be on the porch overnight.  I’ve been keeping kittens there because I am sort of running out of rooms, and its large enough where they can play, and sleep, comfortably.  But the two – two feral cats, and the kittens, don’t mix, so I didn’t want to stress more cats out.  On the other hand, I am stressed out.  Having to bring FIVE cats in for spaying is a lot.  Its not only a lot of cats to care for after surgery, but a LOT of MONEY.  I include combo tests for the kittens as well, and now Brownie seems to be getting a small cold.  More vet bills.  So, without stressing more, I called a friend from the clinic who validated my feelings, and told me they could fill my spots.  Thank God.  On the other hand though (which hand was I on?), I felt, and still feel, total guilt over not trying to trap and neuter more cats.  There are so many out there.

Look who I fed this morning at 156 Garson.  Saw this cat sitting on the side of the road, right near where I picked up Prego/Gracie three weeks ago, who had her six kittens a week ago.  After pouring food and water for the hungry looking cat, I felt underneath – MASSIVE milk ducts.  My heart sank. 

I don’t want to experience burn out, but I feel overwhelmed trying to do this alone.  I wish I had an army to help me.  I just can’t seem to recruit an army though.  The few other rescue groups have their hands full, and outside of rescue, no one has stepped up to the plate and just done it!  – except for one girl Joan who sat for me while I set traps for Fudgie and Chippie on Garson a few weeks back.  People are busy!

I’ve never seen such an influx of kittens, and pregnant cats – EVER.  In all the years I’ve been doing this.  Sometimes, I am just so overwhelmed its hard to go on.   But on I do.  And on I go.  Please spread the word about the kittens available so that I can get back to the real rescue business, one cat at a time.  I need a break.  J

Have a great day.

“In everybody’s life there’s a point of no return. And in a very few cases, a point where you can’t go forward anymore. And when we reach that point, all we can do is quietly accept the fact. That’s how we survive.”

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  1. No need for you to feel any guilt over not trapping today. Like you said - you are only one person. Besides, those spots are being filled by other in need kitties.