Thursday, July 13, 2017


I love to explore places like this in the countryside...  
So lots of updates today!  And by the way ...  TGIT!  I have the day off tomorrow... from work that is.

I NEVER get the day off from feeding over 100 cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  For those of you who don't know, I feed homeless cats at 19 different spots that I have set up shelters for the homeless cats every day of my life.  I go through 40 pounds of dry food, and a TON of wet.  The TON of wet allows each cat maybe a tablespoon, but its pure gold to them.  I clean out their water bowls and fill with fresh.  There were at least three spots this morning with raccoon lurking, so I know those cats will go until tomorrow morning without clean water or food.  I try my best to chase these intruders away, but they are tough.  They could care less.  They just sit in the trees and wait for me to leave.

So far, I have rescued close to 70 cats this year, most from the streets, some from under the bushes (kittens) or lilac trees (kittens).  I’ve never seen more kittens this summer than I have in my entire life.  And I’ve had most of them with me.  Some of my good friends, like Melissa – the kitten whisperer, or like my sister, have taken in a few for me, but I’ve had probably close to 10-15 cats in my house all at once in the past month.  And some sick ones.  My life is not the same, it’s the summer that never was, and if any of my friends or family feel neglected, I am sorry.  I just have so much time in the day before I HAVE to be in bed to get up at 2 am.  At 2 am., I am feeding all the kittens (who are in groupings in separate rooms over night) and getting my self ready to head out at 4.  These two hours include half hour on the couch checking my messages, so if you hear a ping on your phone at 3 am., its me answering your message!  Not to mention my own clan, who have been feeling very neglected, and I can understand why.  And most of mine are elders too.  I feel so bad for them.  Then when I get home after an hour and a half of feeding the homeless, I have to care for the kittens all over again, including litter boxes, sweeping up litter, shaking rugs, getting the food and water jugs ready for the next morning, laundry…  and THEN get myself ready to head out for my job for the next 8 hours.  Every other day there is a Wal-Mart trip for over 100 lbs of Kit’n’kaboodle dry food and wet food to keep up my supply.  I don’t get enough donations to make it through the week, and unfortunately, the food expense adds up.

And thankfully, I have been healthy that I am still able to go out every single morning – even if I am nauseous.  TMI.  J

So the TNR Tuesday cats – the one little black feral kitten – turns out to be UNDER 2 lbs. so the clinic normally will not spay or neuter a cat that young due to the anesthesia effects.  But she was done, and I was facing a huge dilemma about what to do with kitten.  HOW could I return something that young, but it seemed so feral, and all my resources – my fosters – all three of them – were overloaded with other feral-like kittens to tame.  Then, I get a call from someone at the clinic who said they had someone there in training that offered to take kitty to see if they could work with her.  HURRAY!  Meanwhile, Prego kitty from Parsells…  turned out to be so sweet.  AFTER HER SPAY, I knew I would have to let her back to the streets, but a WONDERUL ANGEL – whom I had never even met before – offered to take her.  So off we went last night to her house, and it was love at first sight!  I am so grateful to these people who came into my life so quickly when I needed – or the cats – needed them most.  And thanks to all the other wonderful people who offered their help too!



Meanwhile, back to the hoarding situation, (the woman was ordered to clean up the property, wouldn't allow the police in her house, and not much else was done to help the cats there) this wonderful rescuer Beth offered to go help with getting some of the other sick kittens still on the property, and lo and behold, FIVE more kittens were rescued.  They will be brought into my rescue ‘group’ but thankfully fostered by my friend’s daughter, who helped to nab them.  My friend has THREE from the previous day.  GOOD GOD!  This has been a very costly rescue for them so far, but also for me, as I will be depending on donations to help care for these kittens.  And get them vetted.  They are all full of fleas and have a few eyes issues but nothing serious.  Personally, I am going through so much kitten food, it’s not funny.  I could really use some help with KITTEN food.

Most importantly, we need help with TNR of the adult cats on this property.  This reproducing has got to stop.  Please help!

Mike (now WOLFIE!)
Marbles is doing fabulously in his new home.  

They want to adopt Moxy, so off he will go soon as his eyes are looking much better!  Posie, now Bailey, is doing great after his neuter, and he is very loved.  MIKE, now named WOLFIE, has made himself right at home.  I delivered him Monday evening to his new wonderful family.  A nice girl is coming to meet Tiggy tomorrow.  Ike, Bear and Taco are still waiting for surgeries and have their potential adopters waiting in the wings.  Brown, Fudgie and Chippie will be spayed/neutered this Tuesday.  My sister has Robbie, Chip and Ernie this week getting them socialized.  And of course there is Itsy and Bitsy!  


They are available for adoption too!  And of course our little HAPPY! Taco-sized Happy is the CUTEST EVER! 

The Christmas in July fundraiser is going fabulously, according to the MASTER organizer Andrea!  Thank you to everyone that made item donations!  All items are FABULOUS!  Get your bids in today!

Have a GREAT day!

PS, we are looking into a new location for the MEOW and CHOW fundraiser this year.  Stay tuned!  Hoping its the end of September or early October.  Did someone say CAMPFIRE?  :)  

“Courage is not having the strength to go on. 
It is going on
when you don’t have the strength.”


  1. Wow what fantastic news today !
    Love all the adoption and foster success stories !
    The auction has lots of great items. I hope I win my bid on the two items I am interested in. What a great way to raise money.
    I would like to see a slide show of all the kitties faces you have rescued this year at the MEOW and CHOW .
    Can someone put that together for you so you can share it at the event ?
    The slide show could be played on a laptop at one of the vendors tables like sue millers ?
    I could do it if no one else has time, all I need is permission to copy the pics from the blog into a slide show....

  2. Janine, the kitten is doing great in foster care! She's very affectionate and loves being pet. She apparently cries every time her foster mom leaves! She'll make a wonderful pet in no time! They are calling her Penny 💕
    And I'm so glad you were able to find a foster for Prego. I know how overwhelmed you are, and I know it was an added stress to you to rush and try to find her a foster. But she just seemed so sweet, I had to pipe up! I'm very grateful for your efforts.