Thursday, July 6, 2017

Its a New Day!

Its a new day.  One promising joy, sorrow, worry and wonder.  I have to remind myself of that every morning.

There is so much happening in my own life, as well as gazillions of others.  Some facing some really hard times ahead of them.  But in the end, we will be OK.  Thats all I can say.

The clinic let me know they had a cancellation for TNR for Thursday, today, and offered me a spot.  I jumped at the chance, as there are SO many cats out there that need spay and neuter.  I set three out - one at Parsells across from Baldwin.  This is where I trapped a red kitty that had been nursing a month or so ago.  Well, this might be one of her babies, because I returned shortly after that and found this little one in there.  I had two set at Garson, obviously needing to get the new mom that had Brownie, Fudgie and Chippie.  Unless there were three more from the same litter as Spice, Sugar, Bear and Tiggy?  And they got away?  They are about the same size.  Nevertheless, there are some uneartipped kitties there.  I raced back knowing I only had one spot, and there was the mommy in the trap, the one I TNR'd a few weeks back!  I let her out, and packed up, and continued on rounding of 17 feeding spots.

TNR from DeGeorge Ceilings on Parsells
On Melville, and man was walking past me as I got out to feed - this is where I just rescued Marbles.  I told him what I was doing, he said 'I know, you've been doing this for a long time, and what you are doing is great', and he thanked me.  I thanked him and said thank you for your support!  Here it is, 5 am.

Spencer was buried yesterday morning between my rhododendron and hydrangea bushes in the front of  my house.  The vet and his staff were wonderful, and sent my Spencie home in this beautiful paper box coffin.  When they brought it out, fresh tears sprang from my eyes, as I saw this fresh flowering catnip taped to the box.  Precious.  I love you Spencer!  :(

Spencer's Coffin

Update on Violet!

VIOLET as a baby!

If you remember Violet, she was the kitten I rescued, along with her two siblings and mother Nora. Back in winter of 2015.   She was the one that could not keep food down, regurgitating.  She was a handful, for sure, and cost me a lot of money to get her help!  Here she is today!  Happy as a clam, with her mom, in their forever home.  :)  Are they big and fluffy, or what!~


Have a GREAT! day!!!

“Compassion hurts.  When you feel
Connected to everything, you also
Feel responsible for everything.
Your destiny is bound with the
Destinies of others.  You must either
Learn to carry the Universe or be
Crushed by it.  You must grow strong
Enough to love the world, yet empty
Enough to sit down at the same
Table with its worst horrors.”


  1. Awwwwwwww.
    Poor Spencer. He had such a great life with you.
    Its wonderful that you cared for him so. He will rest easy in your garden.
    Give all the rest of the kids in your house a hug and you may feel better.
    I pick up our two Ragdolls Leo and Shelby when I feel sad and it always cheers me up.

  2. How kind of the vet staff to do that for you. It shows that they understand Spencer was more than just a cat to you, he was part of your family. I'm praying God will comfort you with His love and peace.

  3. you did good all around my friend.. for spencer and look at that violet.. you saved them all .. gave them all love.. thank you