Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Sorry to be so dramatic.  Can you tell I love horror movies?

Yes, those tiny little monkeys nibbling at mama's breasts since they were born two weeks ago have finally opened their eyes!  Gracie, from Garson, who I rescued July 4th weekend, and gave birth about a week after to SIX kittens, is doing well, and so are her little munchkins.  I will be naming them soon, and hoping to get their individual pictures at some point so we can begin getting them into the adoption world.  They are all gorgeous, and I am hoping they will be gobbled up quickly by some kitten lovers.  :)  Thank you Sunday Sheryl for fostering them for me.  And Gracie will be ready when the kittens are – Sheryl reports she is the SWEETEST kitty.  Loves attention.  Long haired and beautiful.  
GRACIE and her babies!

Hello World!  I can see you!
Speaking of kittens…  ugggh.  They are driving me crazy.  But they are SO cute.  And I don’t think Taco will EVER grow.  He is just the cutest thing EVER!  The kittens that my friend Paula is fostering – I will be getting pictures of them this weekend.  They are GORGEOUS also!  Wait til you see!  Ernie, Chip and Robbie are getting their surgery dates soon.  They have been being fostered by Melissa, the Kitty Whisperer, and I will be picking them up sometime this week to keep them for a few days to get to know them.  They are gorgeous too!  So Itsy and Bitsy have shown their true colors with me – lovey doveys they are…  SO CUTE!  Especially Itsy’s short tail – short because it was caught in the trap I sent and was broken.  They had to partially amputate.  She has the CUTEST tail ever!  And Chippie and Fudgie are getting more and more brave and not running from me any more.  Purr machines they are.

The cat I trapped yesterday next to DeGeorge Ceilings, the now defunct business – from what I heard was a murder-suicide love triangle?  Anyhow, this little red kitty that the picture was on yesterday’s post – she was in early stages of pregnancy.  Thank GOD I nabbed her.  No babies for you little one.  She spent the night on the porch in a trap, and….. I had to let her back out this morning.  Poor thing.  I saw so many un-ear-tipped cats out there today. 

The sick injured Sylvester looking kitty was not at his normal spot this morning, nor at the other two spots down Central I've seen him at.  I know this sounds terrible, but each morning I don't see him, I pray he has had a peaceful passing overnight.  I did reach out to friends for help.  I'm not good at reaching out for help.  It goes way back - I think losing my father at a young age, and always being self dependent - and being an Aries, leader of the pack sort of mentality.  I hate asking others to help me.  But help is what I've needed and it couldn't come soon enough.  This poor angel needs help.  No more pain for him.  :(

I also have a question if anyone can answer – will a vet spay a very engorged nursing mother?  Can they even get around the ducts to do the surgery?   I stop every morning now to feed her, and I need to get her spayed, AND find her babies!   My friend Sunday Sheryl told me she counted 21 stops that I made the morning she rode with me.  There are just so many cats out there starving.  I need to feed them!    

I am off the next few days.  If you happen to be one of the folks that I send out this blog to on a nearly daily basis via email - work has advised that with the new security/viruses going around, my blast emails from work (which is the only way I know how to send blast emails) need to end.  They didn't downright say so, but I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing its causing as issue with IT!  Also, it just happened to be that the person in IT Security I spoke with LOVES kitties!  :)  So she fully supports me, and wanted to be able to show me an alternative if I open up something like GMAIL.  My Yahoo account is messed up - I can't type without it freezing up.  So I rarely use it.  When I get an email on Yahoo, I immediately send it off to my work email address to be able to respond to it.  So, I need to figure out something.  I have all the email addresses on Excel on a stick drive, but don't know how to use it next from a home email address.  Help?

Have a great day!

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."


  1. Saying a prayer for that poor sick kitty. Hope you can catch him today. :(

  2. if she's got babies, they should be nursing off her, and she shouldn't be so engorged - maybe she's lost them. Wait for her milk to dry up before you spay her... it does complicate the spay, and I think it would be a lot more painful for her. As long as it gets done, it doesn't have to get done immediately...