Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Musings

Update on Mike.

Talk about cats being introduced to dogs...  take a look at Mike!  Now named Wolfie.  Here he is with his new canine sibling Cricket.  Pure bliss!

Mike aka Wolfie!

Some highlights/lowlights from the weekend.

Friday morning I drove Ike out to his new home in Wolcott.  THAT was a drive, especially considering I drove to Oswego the weekend before.  I then turned around to drive home, pick up Tiggy and Brownie, and drive them to Webster, to their new home.  Both homes approved, and full of love to give to the newbies.  Updates so far are so far so good.  Both homes have canine siblings that are being introduced slowly.  I will post more as I hear.  I will surely miss them all.  All were so loving, and sweet, and cuddly.  So, three down, ELEVEN to go.  (SIX kittens left in my home).  I even visited Destiny, the surrogate mom to so many kittens, and she is doing great.  I thanked her again for her service.  J

Saturday was a big wonderful family-filled party for my mother’s birthday, but the drive home ruined the rest of my day, including my sleep.  I got a call from a friend who occasionally stops to place food and water for the cats on Niagara.  This is the shelter that has been there for about a year now, behind the old Rochester Clutch and Brake.  Corner of Central Park.  The old owner was fine with me placing a somewhat attractive shelter for the 8-10 kitties that had been living between the two buildings across the street in the gated apartment complex.  As you will recall, I had many brushes with a man who had a girlfriend living there, and he felt it was his duty to keep watch so that I would not place food or water under the gate for the many cats trying to survive there.  We had many many nasty encounters, including one where I had to call the police because he threatened me.  But in the end, we sort of came to an agreement and I was then able to finally coax them over across the street.  I rescued many from this location, TNR’d many, and also caught a very sick cat Hope, who’s life I had to end because of how sick she was. 

So the call told me that all my beautiful shelters, including two beautiful ones crafted by a skilled carpenter were by the side of the road.  Everything gone.  My friend stopped to talk to the guys that were inside the building and the new owner apparently was flipping the building to be resold.  He said he had been fined by the city for the grass being high, etc., even though we had gone there and mowed it ourselves in the beginning of the summer.  I had to put my coping mechanism on after hearing this.  I was so upset I couldn’t think straight.  But I had to until the next morning.  Wasn’t a very good sleep Saturday night.  Sunday, I saw the shelters on the side of the road and moved them to a vacant lot down the street.  I had to.  I had no other choice.  I have no idea how long they will stay there at this new location, or how to coax these cats to this new shelter, that is really not built yet, just the two nice shelters are down there.  I placed paper plates and bowls for these poor animals that must be so confused. 

I have to wonder at the mentality of these type of people that can knowingly and deliberately cause distress and harm to an animal.  If I get the chance to speak to this POS, I will ask him – did it ever occur to you that you were causing harm to an animal.  Did it occur to you to allow me some time to move these shelters?  You had my number on the flier I keep inside my shelters, as the City asked me to do, you could have at least left me a note.  Instead, I had to crawl through the Al’s Maintenance dumpster on the other side of the building to get the five plastic totes you tossed aside, and never mind the wood and pallets that were so dear and precious to me.  What a bastard you are.  I hope you slept well sir.  I am sure this will not be the end.

Saturday concluded the on-line fundraiser that my friends Andrea and Lou held for me on Facebook.  I do not have the figures, but I am sure it will help out with food for a few months.  I am so honored and grateful to the people that donated their goods so others could spend their money that will go towards helping the animals I feed and shelter in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  It was a huge undertaking for Andrea and Lou, and I thank the Lord for them in m life!  They are the DOERS of the world! 

Meanwhile, each morning I’ve been placing a trap for a very sick cat that I’ve been feeding for over a year at least between 5th and 6th streets on Central Park.  Last winter, I noticed drool coming from his mouth, thought upper respiratory.  He would not go into the trap then.  Here is it end of July, his jaw hangs open, mouth is a mess, and he can barely gulp enough food in his mouth.  He is very very sick.  Someone put out a post pleading with people for help for me.  I need someone with a net.  Or a drop trap. I didn’t hear from anyone.  I know people are busy.   Saturday morning the trap was set only to find the little guy travelled two blocks and was at my Third Street location.  Sunday morning, he was not seen at either place, and I secretly wished he had passed overnight.  This morning, trap was set at usual spot, but this time, he eluded me and was at my 2nd street location.   Its heartbreaking, but all I can do is drive away and try to put it out of my mind.  I don’t know what else to do.

Pictures from the weekend:



Cat on Greeley and Parsells


My kitty Rufus a/k/a CRAZY EYES


Still available:  Chippie, Fudgie, Itsy and Bitsy, Nimbus, Robbie, Chip, Ernie, Happy & Taco?   Lets get these adorable furry creatures a home!

Have a nice day.

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."


  1. From Lynne Stewart Here's info Rochester Clutch and Brake's failure to call you is horrid, imo. The persons working on the house surely saw the notes you had placed, per requests from The City. Maybe it's time, even though I generally do not care for Kimberly and Beck to call them again??? I sent email #2 to Rochester Clutch and Brake. (have not heard from the first that they'd have received in their today's email. **here is info if anyone wants to email them: Rochester Clutch and Brake's facebook page says they've' moved to: WE HAVE MOVED..!!! OUR NEW ADDRESS IS


    NEW PHONE #S 585-924-3717 585-924-3718 FAX 585-924-3713 their contact info is:
    35 Niagara St.
    Rochester, NY 14605

  2. Hi, it's not Rochester Clutch & Brake causing the issue. They were nice to Janine and let her put all the totes and houses there. It's the "new" owner's that are causing ALL of the problems for Janine and the kitties. Possibly if you do get a hold of the owners of Rochester Clutch & Brake they could give you the number and info for the "new" owners of the on Niagara Street. Hope this helps to find the "new" owners. He was suppose to call Janine Saturday night, but apparently he did not. :(

  3. According to the City Property Info listings, it was bought back in Dec. of 2016 by Square Holdings LL, 714 Antone St NW, Atlanta GA 30318 and is listed as 216 Central Park but is that corner big red warehouse building. Tax map no. 106.50-2-39.