Thursday, July 20, 2017


Two large sheets of plywood and two big strong men to give up a morning for the cats and meet me on 7th Street.  I need to move some large wooden shelters and pallets to place the plywood underneath and rebuild the shelter.  It won't take long, I just need muscle!  Please, spread the word, bribe your son, boyfriend or husband.  I sure can use the help.  

This morning all was quiet out there.  I did see the very injured cat on Central.  And forgot the trap in the Jeep.  I did not see the nursing mother, or the other kitty I saw the next morning on Garson.  I did see a ton of cats, and I did stop more times than usual to pour some food out on the sidewalk for them, as I have run out of paper bowls, which is another thing on my wish list.  Paper bowls.  Not Styrofoam, but paper.  Recycle Recycle Recycle.  But you can’t with Styrofoam.  Terrible product really.

Last evening was a busy one when I got home from work.  Michelle stopped by to pick up MOXY!  Moxy joins Marbles as the newest member of the family.  They are thrilled, and have shared so many pictures already of their new baby.  After that, sweet Eileen, who adopted Buddy from me years ago, and happens to own the best boutique in town, Enchanted Rose Garden in Penfield, stopped by with her NYC daughter to bring a few kitten toys for the babes, and wound up taking Happy home with her.  J  Happy is teeny tiny, and when they are that little, they are a lot of work.  They fell in love with him instantly.  I will be checking in later in the day to make sure things went smoothly.  He could be crushed in a split second if stepped on!

Shortly after that, Joy stopped by with Nimbus.  The cutest little grey kitten ever!  Scared, but sweet.  I brought him out this morning to hang in the living room with the others, and he freaked out.  I think he has been sort of hanging by himself at Joy’s, so we have to get him introduced to other kitties…  in time.  I have yet to ask Joy the story behind his name!  He and Tiggy go in for the spays today.  It’s a hectic household, to say the least.

The auction is going strong, from last reports there have been about $1K in proceeds from it.  I know, it’s a lot of money.  When you think about it, its enough to last me six and a half weeks in dry food alone.  I spend an enormous amount of money in doing what I do.   Not only the dry food, but the wet food, and the kitten food (both dry and wet) I’ve purchased for the close to 20? Kittens I have under my wing this year, and the enormous vet bills, and the gas spent on driving these kit cats to their new homes, which must be done, as they are like my own children, and I wouldn’t allow my children to go anywhere without me knowing where they are going to.  And to be sure their new home is safe, and kitten proof.   $1K is also enough for me to TNR 16 cats.  That’s a lot of kitties too, but not a lot in the grand scheme of things.  I see at least 16 kitties running across the roads in the darkness each morning on the different streets I travel.  I am grateful for all the help I receive.  And I am especially grateful to those that share their possessions with me to help these animals.  Without you, I couldn’t do this.

I am off tomorrow.  I deliver Ike to his new home, and Tiggy and Brownie go to their new home.  And then I am hoping to pamper my feet with a pedicure.  God knows they need it.  Saturday is my mother’s BIG outdoor birthday party at my sisters.  Rain is in the forecast so I am hoping they are wrong!

Have a great day!

 "Everyday life is a struggle, with the biggest victory being the chance
to keep struggling."

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  1. I'm so glad the auction is going well! Hope you get double what it is now.

    I have to admit that Tiggy has been my favorite kitten so far! What a little face and she looks like she's got spunk. I love sassy little cats. :) Hope we get updates from her new family!