Friday, July 14, 2017

Meow & Chow!

Get your calendars out and a big red marker and mark NOVEMBER 11 as the 4th Annual Meow & Chow fundraiser!  :)  And it will be on the East side this year.  Woo hoo!!!

This date could change, but that is where we stand today.  More details coming!

The Christmas in July Fundraiser that my friend Andrea is having for me is going well, and still going!  Please check it out if you are on Facebook!

I am off from work today, but never from feeding the cats in the hood.  All went fairly well even though I had to go back to Short Street due to raccoons hovering nearby the first time I went there.  I had to refill the filthy water they left behind after I left the first time.  Piggies.

Taco is not feeling well.  His surrogate mom Destiny was sneezing, so I just today started to treat her for a possible URI, and I am thinking maybe Taco caught a bug from her.  So I gave her a tiny bit of amoxicillin that I have left from Moxy's treatment, and mixed up some formula and baby food and syringe fed him.  He is so tiny, so weak.  I hope he perks up.  He was a madman just a few days ago.

Moxy is doing much better.  His eyes are almost back to normal. I have no news on the Edgeland Street cats.  I need to determine their weights so I can make sure that their spay and neuter appointments correspond to their weight.  Could be a few weeks out.

Today, Itsy and Bitsy come back to me for the weekend.  I am hoping folks come visit them - they are ready for their new home!  Their foster mom is due for a fabulous weekend in wine country.  Have fun Melissa!

A special mention for my friend Kristin - she and her husband have to make a heart-wrenching decision to end the life of their precious friend and family member, Jack.  Its the worst decision to end the life of a breathing heart beating life, but its the best thing for a breathing, heart beating life when the joy is gone.  We can't turn back time, and we can't fix what's not fixable.  Some will say dogs and cats are the same, but they are not in my opinion.  Dogs are just a little bit different.  When I had to end the life of my beloved pooch Thunder, it was so hard, but I knew I was doing the right thing.  He couldn't go on any longer suffering, he was ready.  We do this all out of love.  As long as you realize the important role your dog played in your life, that’s all that matters. Cherish your memories of the good times–and the sad times.  So take a moment and wish them well on their struggle.  Jack, you will be with my Thunder, my Spencer, and all those that have passed on before you, in heaven, so see you all when I get there! 

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  1. Very sorry to hear about jack KM !
    I loved seeing his pics in the back of the van.
    I am sure he had a great life with you.
    I already marked my calendar for the MEOW AND CHOW !
    I will be there for sure !