Monday, July 17, 2017

Boom! ZAP!


Man oh man, I have been doing this for a long time.  Going out at 4 am. in all sorts of weather.  You name it, I've been in it.  This morning was a little bit different.  Scary.  The air was electric.  Lightning everywhere.  Thunder booming in the distance.  I had the headlamp around my neck.  I was walking in open fields.  I was hovering under trees.  I was in the pouring rain, which I've done countless times, but now I was subjecting my self to electrocution!  And it happens!  I just prayed each and every step I took from the time I got out of the jeep until I got back in.  Soaking of course.  But I made it home, wet not crispy!

This weekend I went to see Gracie, the pregnant female that was too far along to spay, the one I rescued on Garson three Saturdays ago.  She has since had her babies, all six.  Three sets of twins!  Gracie is a very very sweet cat, and a great mom.  Very protective.  Here are pictures from my visit with them.  Their names will be forthcoming as they get a bit older. 

GRACIE and her babies!

I also picked up Ernie Robbie and Chip from my sisters.  They needed to be a bit more socialized, and now they are at Melissa’s for a bit so that she can do her magic.   I also brought Ike home, the only one left of the Ben, Jerry, Mike and Ike clan.  He will hopefully go to a new home soon also!




Itsy and Bitsy were brought back to me as a trade.  They are doing much better, sort of.  Itsy got into the house from the porch this morning and was just found.  I panic thinking that one of them would get out of the house.  PANIC.  But thankfully she was hiding under a bed.  They will take a while to get used to their new surroundings.  Sweethearts though, yes, they are.

Bitsy and Itsy!
Guess who got adopted this weekend?  DESTINY!  I cried when I had to say goodbye to her.  I whispered thank you to her, for being such a great mom to five kittens who weren’t even her own.   Her adoptive mom had been looking for a tortie and she said she googled Tortie, Rochester, and my name came up!  Unbelievable.  The power of the internet.  Destiny joins a sister – prayers they get along!  Can’t wait to see how her first night went.  I know she will have noticed her babies missing.  I am sure her babies missed her too.  :(  She has a great new mom Anne though, that will love her to pieces!

Guess who else is being adopted...  TIGGY and BROWNIE!  They are going together!  Woo hoo!  And I LOVE their new mom!  She came over Saturday to meet them and fell in love.  This weekend they will be delivered to their new home!  J

Moxy's eye is all better, and Moxy will hopefully join Marbles soon.

I leave you with a really cute pic, Baylee and Taco.  They look so alike, but no relation, I swear!  :)


  1. What a wonderful post today J !
    Glad you dint get "crispified" !
    Loved all the super adorbz pics of all the kittens and mom.
    Soooo happy for Destiny ! I am so thankful you provided her with an opportunity to be a mom. What a special story she made.
    Thank you once again for bringing hope to these desperate and disparaged animals.

  2. Oh moxy we are looking forward to you joining our house/family soon!!! Hope all those other cuties find homes too! The work you do is amazing!

  3. Wow so much cuteness stuffed into one post!! That's wonderful that Destiny has a new home. She must have been a tough one to let go but she'll be so happy having her own home. She's definitely a special girl.

  4. what ever came of the beechwood meeting a month or so ago?

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