Monday, July 10, 2017

TGIF (written on Friday)

This post I wrote on Friday of last week.  I never posted it.  So here is some news.  Some old, some new.

Friday, July 6th
The 4th of July is a time of celebration for most Americans.  The two –legged kind.  For  the four –legged, not so much.  I heard a sad story the other day from a girl that adopted Posie, now named Bailey.  Her sister was away, had a friend watching her little dog and he let both his dog and Mylie out and were spooked by the noise that had begun and both took off.  They looked for hours and hours in the woods, only to discover that Mylie was hit by a car.  A car that never stopped either.  Mylie did not survive.  Not only was Mylie’s mom devastated, but her dog sitter and everyone involved was heartsick.  We don’t think of how scary it is for the animals out there.  Such a sad story.  So please keep this in mind during the celebrations throughout the year that involve fireworks.  Be mindful of your little ones.
The red cat on Baldwin and Grand, the one I treated for worms, because of his voracious appetite, is still doing it.  So it wasn't worms - or it was, but that was not his major ailment. Now he is ‘coughing’.  And he sounds very ... --- its in the lungs?   Do cats get asthma?  So how do I treat this???  He sounds like he has pneumonia.  Poor thing.  When I first heard the congestion in the wintertime, I made sure to give him doses of Doxy.  I thought it took care of it.  But this coughing, I’ve heard cats can have asthma?
I had a lot of advice over the last week about two kittens I had that developed eye ulcers...  Poor things.  I didn't know which end was up, so reached out on Facebook after private messaging to some kitten experts at the same time.  I wound up finally taking kitten to vet on Wednesday, and here is what the vet said:  Kitties should be seen by a vet asap for eye issues as they can be critical, but we know that isn't always possible when things crop up in the evenings, weekends, or holidays (as they usually do). So, Tobramycin will never hurt a kitten and can always be used safely. (No steroid in it that can cause ulcers.) If there is no improvement or the eye(s) worsen, get kitty in to see a vet. 

Well today, one kitten went back to the vet, and was prescribed to continue with the drops I was given, and Clavamox for URI.  The other is better.  These kittens are costing me a fortune!  I just pray my little guy gets 100% better and soon.   I need to get these kittens moving to their permanent homes!

Update on above - kitten went to emergency clinic at 3 am. Sunday morning because of burst blood bubble that was supposedly due to irritated lid.  Sent home with shot of convenia and switch to Tobramycin.  This morning, it looks to be the same, another blood bubble?  Eye looks worse.

Speaking of kittens, there are now kittens on Central and Second, where I rescued Carter from months ago.  There are so many spots I need to set traps and get cats fixed.  I need help.  I just can’t do it alone.  But then again, I also need clinic spots, and those are hard to get.  I have two each week, but I am only me, and those spots are $60 each.  Again, its only me, and my wallet is empty.  I NEED HELP.

Of course, now my Leo is getting sick.  I just can’t win.  The stress is never ending.  Update:  he's better after some Doxy.

On another note, sometimes things can really creep me out when I go out in the mornings.  Not so much the people lurking about that 4 am., but the sounds..  like the other morning, I was walking to the back of a very dark lot on central, to the shelters where there are three regulars that wait for me (cats that is), and as I began to grab the empty bowls under the board, I heard this strange sound coming from the tree behind me.  It sounded like a low gurgling sound, or a low growl?  It was an odd sound nevertheless.  All I could think of was the movie The Predator movie originally starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Where the predator can change color and blend in, like a chameleon, and swoop in and eat you before you even know it.

Lets get these kittens and cats adopted.  The following all still need homes!





UPDATE:  Mitzy has been adopted!




UPDATE:  Marbles has been adopted!!!




SQUEEKY (kitten brought to me on the 4th of July)
Have a nice day!


  1. You have rescued 68 cats and kittens since January!!!!!!

  2. J !
    What was the gurgling noise ?
    You can't just leave us hangin !
    Was it a predator ?
    Did you get eatin ?
    Lol ...

  3. Marbles is adjusting so wonderfully! Still a little nervous about the kids, but he lets them pet him while he lays safely under the bed. It's so funny because when they go to bed he immediately comes out and follow my husband and I around "talking" the whole time. Thank you for connecting us with this sweet boy! And we are still interested in moxy when his eyes clear up ❤️

  4. Janine, kitties can definitely get asthma. They often do fine with it, but I don't know how a feral with asthma would fare. It's generally diagnosed by X-ray.