Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Its Christmas in July!

I have this fabulous couple helping me out with a fundraiser for me.  Its Christmas in July!  Its on Facebook, and here is the link.  I've had quite a few friends donate items to help the cause.  Its an auction where you bid an amount, and hope its the final price!  :)  Unless someone outbids your bid.  Fun.  And please remember,  if you donated anything and don't see it, it would be considered hard to mail, so please don't be offended. It can either be returned to you, or can be used for my Meow and Chow fundraiser in November! I SO appreciate your donated items!  Here is the link:

My life is so full, as is all of ours, but when you do what I do and need what I need, its hard to fund-raise at the same time.  That's why I appreciate people that go out of their way to help me.  When ever you feel angry or disappointed in humanity, remember good people like this - Andrea and Lou - that go out of their way to help others.  

And the REASON for fund-raising...  As you know, I feed over 100 cats every single morning of my life in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  I go through 40 pounds of dry food every single day, and also a case of wet food, which they get only a drop of because there is only so much to go around.  I have cats running to me when they hear the Jeep, or coming out of hiding when they hear me cat-calling them.  Most I am able to pet, some keep their distance, although after they get to trust me by seeing me day after day, they get a lot closer.  Because I am so close to these cats when I pour the food, I can see them and notice if they are injured, sick, or whatever.  Little Red on Baldwin and Grand I can now hear before even bending down to pour food.  He has a rattle in his chest.  Its loud.  He is also extremely hyper.  Wonder what that could be.  Also, if you remember from last winter, there is a black and white cat on Central that I had noticed drool coming from his mouth.  I tried trapping, but he would never go in.  Well, he has been coming closer and closer to the food dish I fill each day, and this morning, I could see he can barely eat, and gulps the food down – he either has an abscess or infection or some type of growth in his mouth.  It was pitiful.  All I could do was walk away, disturbed and sad.  All I can do is try to trap him.  He is semi-feral, and won’t let me touch him. 

I try not to share the sad stuff because I have actual friends that won’t read this blog because of it.  I don’t think I would actually read something that would make me sad.  I write this stuff because, in the back of my warped mind I think, maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there that can help me.   Or help with whatever situation it is that makes me sad.  But if you could only see what I see out there…. 

I did not, however, see the nursing cat on Grand yesterday.  I stopped, got out with the bag of food and water, and went over to the dishes I had left previously, cat called, and listened.  Nothing.  I then saw a beautiful fluffy tabby – looked nearly identical to Gracie, the kitty I picked up four weeks ago that WAS pregnant and she had her kittens a week later.  All six.  So this new cat kept his distance, but surely went for the food after I drove off.  I did not see the nursing mother, nor hear any kittens crying softly, but I listened!

Back at the ranch, I’ve got Ike going to his new home, and Tiggy and Brownie going to their new home, on Friday.  I am so thankful that this girl, who was initially just wanting one kitten, fell for my coaxing her into getting two!  Ha! J  Seriously, I told her I was going to send her information on WHY it is so important for two kittens, especially if there are no other pets in the house.   So I will be down three, but will have baby Nimbus joining me, as he and Tiggy are being neutered and spayed tomorrow morning.  I am also hoping that Marbles new family will be taking Moxy.   Its kitten heaven in my house each morning, and I hate having to come to work because of it. 

NIMBUS (rescued from Wambachs Farm Market)

Let me share this with you to make your day.  I get reports from Posie’s new mom, who has named him Bailey.  GOOD reports.  He is so loved....  I think this kitten is the most adorable kitten in the world.  Well, I do exaggerate too.  Sorry other kittens.

Be sure to click on the pictures to see up close!  J

Have a great day!


  1. Oh that Baily is the cutest kitten EVER ! He looks so happy in his new home ! Thanks for hooking him up with the good life !

  2. Bailey is obviously being neglected and unloved...ha! What a little doll he is and is clearly loving his new home. And so photogenic, too!

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