Thursday, March 23, 2017


Today is a Friday for me, I have the day off tomorrow. And its going to be insane!


I have an appointment in the morning, and then need to scramble home for a minute, then scramble to Melissa my foster who has been caring for Melody, and then scramble with Melody to her hopefully new home.  I say hopefully because there is always that chance that someone could change their mind about a cat they want to adopt.  I've had it happen more than once, but less than three times, thank God.  :)  She is a sweetheart.  I pray this works out!

I then have to scramble home to meet a potential adopter for Charlie!  Someone posted on Facebook that they were looking for a cat for the dad, and of course a gazillion people posted about this cat or that cat, but I was one of the lucky ones and apparently she is going to be meeting not just Charlie, but another or two.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that she falls in love with Charlie, as I have. Speaking of, Charlie is itching to get out of the bathroom, poor guy.  I think I will put him in a bedroom today, so that he can spread out a bit more.

Other than that, things are going well, nothing has happened to my shelters in the hood, I've seen most of the kitties this morning that are supposed to be there - I've had my eye on one of the Parsells kitties that I TNR'd years ago and have decided that he, and George, will be my next rescues.  The one on Parsells runs to me each morning.  Fluffy, and sweet, let me pick him up this morning.  Although you never know what they will be like inside a home, you just have to take that chance.  They deserve to know what its like not to have to survive on the streets.

Speaking of, this little guy is getting used to having a plate of food placed for him each morning. This is on Melville, where I rescued Melody from.  I am trying to get these ton of cats around here spayed and neutered.   So I have to feed them in order to get them used to coming there for chow.  I need help with this.  I have clinic appointment for two cats this coming Tuesday.  That's $60 per cat.  I then have to release them.  There is no shelter there but I will place food each day for as long as it takes.

Have a great day everyone.  And yes, spring is right around the corner!

(the following quote is quite apropos for me, as just this morning I looked at the Christmas poinsettia  near my sink that was glorious in its day - Christmas 2016, but now is looking lifeless except two little red leaves.  I hate to throw away something still alive!)

"Whenever I injure any kind of life I must be quite certain that it is necessary. I must never go beyond the unavoidable, not even in apparently insignificant things. The farmer who has mowed down a thousand flowers in his meadow in order to feed his cows must be careful on him way home not to strike the head off a single flower by the side of the road in idle amusement, for he thereby infringes the law of life without being under the pressure of necessity."
~Dr. Albert Schweitzer


  1. Charlie looks super cute !
    He's meeting interested adopters already !
    That's awesome !

  2. That's pretty exciting both Charlie and Melody have potential homes set up already. How is Charlie's eye doing? What was wrong with it? Prayers they both get new families!