Thursday, March 2, 2017

TNR Thursday!

Basic needs:  SHELTERS, FOOD.  (I need for them!)

IT was a nightmare.  Another two hour morning.  The winds were whipping since last evening to about 50-60 mph.  Terrible.  Some of my shelters were OK, most had to be rebuilt.  The one on Central and Second was horrible.  I spent about 10 minutes trying to piecemeal it back together with tarp, gorilla tape, boards, all the while five or six cats were waiting for the food.  Their shelters - the Styrofoam ones, were all blown apart, snow covering the straw - of course I did not have straw to replace, so put in dry blankets - will refill with straw tomorrow.  It was very sad.  I knew those cats spent the night without shelter.  Another hut completely blew away.  But I continued on at a quick pace as I had a friend ride along, and it was not a good morning for her to be with me.  The weather was very bad, and she had a hand condition due to the cold which didn't allow her to help much.  But I was glad for the company, no doubt.  She was a good egg.

There is a very sick cat on Pennsylvania and Fourth - I can't do anything about it.  Its a kitty that I've been feeding for over two years, a pretty tiger, always meowing - but early last week, I noticed the way it was walking, and from observation each day since, he's gone downhill.  Its almost like his entire body is broken.  My heart is just overwhelmed with sadness over this.  There are some things you just can't do anything about.  Why????  How can God allow this suffering???  


I trapped a fluffy black kitty on Garson this morning, and another fully white one on Prince.  Two more kitties that will NOT be producing babies!

I did go to the spot that was trashed yesterday on my lunch.  I spoke to the man.  He was not nice.  He didn't care about the cats and made it very clear I was not to place anything on his property.  He bought the place, was fixing up to rent.  I had no say, no choice, my shelters buried under piles of dust, dirt, wood from the house, crap.  I was so disappointed.  ANOTHER heartless human being.

This morning, I built a makeshift shelter across the street in a vacant lot.  I pray the cats could hear me and would come find the food.  I've been feeding these two there for years.  This is where I rescued SO many kitties, most recently Melody.

Say a prayer today for the kitties.

Have a great day!

“I have learned silence from the talkative,
Toleration from the intolerant,
And kindness from the unkind.”
~Kahlil Gibran


  1. Will the sick kitty on Pennsylvania and 4th allow you to touch him? Could he be trapped? I would be willing to donate for his medical expenses if he is a candidate for that and fostering. Poor baby. - Kristin

  2. Do you put weight on top of the styrofoam boxes (bricks, pavers etc)? Even with, that wind last night could have blown them away but it would help. If not, I have seen bricks and pavers both, free on Craigslist. Let us know if you need weights.

  3. Maybe you could get this sick boy into Wayne County shelter?

  4. Does anyone know of a website that lists all the City of Rochester properties up for sale by the COR? Foreclosures, etc?

  5. You could try calling 311 to ask that.