Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Rounds Part Deux

Pictures at the end of this post are of past rescues - all sweethearts that deserved to have a good home.  Be sure to click on them to see up close!

Thanks Joel – anytime, you tell me when you would like to get up at an ungodly hour and drive into the city in the dark and go behind vacant houses with me! J

Update on Charlie!  He passed his exam with flying colors!  Negative on both counts, and treated for everything under the sun.  His eye is just an infection and now being treated with Terramycin twice daily.  He’s a VERY good boy.  Although REALLY hates this eye gook I have to give him.  He is actually going to be fostered by a sweet girl in Caledonia (Kim wrote a guest post a few weeks ago!), who will blend him in with her family until his forever home happens. 

This morning was quiet, nothing unusual – except the creepy people on Parsells were there again yesterday and removed the plates and water dish I place each day on the porch of the vacant house where I feed 15 cats.  I just don’t know what I am going to do if they begin working on this house.  At least the cats are able to eat until these creeps arrive later.  I wish we could all come up with a solution to this?

Back to my rounds.  So after I cross over to Goodman, I will have gone to seven shelters already, and its now about 4:30 am.  Takes me about half hour on that first half.

My next stop is Short Street, where the city removed my shelters last year.  In my secret place there, where I have rebuilt, Baby Buttons and Mr. Whiskers scamper out of the shelter where they were warm and curled up for the night when they hear my sound.  Sam was there yesterday, after disappearing for a week or two, and Milly was not to be seen.  I change the towel there nearly daily, because somehow, rain or snow melt is getting under the board and creating moisture inside.  Its not ideal.  None of them are.

Off I go to my Seventh Street location – this is where Mama Girl resides, along with a few new kitties.  I just rescued Seven late last year from here.  Mama Girl had several kittens two springs ago, and I managed to get two of them.  This shelter is a mess, and needs to be rebuilt.  Thank you to Liz and Diane who built a beautiful hut.  I will be receiving two more this Saturday, and hopefully Saturday Sheryl and I can rebuild this spot to something better for these cats.  They deserve it.

Across the way is Syd and Johnnys where this kind owner allows me to place a small shelter for a cat or two.  One cat in particular is the mother of the four (five?) kittens I recently rescued.   Black long haired momma shows her face just about every day there.  The shelter is on the side of the garage, where the tires are.

Then off to Central – I saw four kitties come out of the shelter I have there this morning – the shelter consists of four huts/totes with tarp and boards over that.  It survived the windstorm, thank God, as there is a nice cement garage blocking the westerly winds.

Off to Third, where I just rescued Saroo, and CHARLIE!  There are four cats here that I see, three waiting to be fed on the only open porch of this boarded up house – recently the front porch was boarded up with my shelters inside.  I did reach out to someone in the Mayor’s office asking for help getting the shelters out.  No word back.

Off to Central and Second, where at least six or so cats wait for me each morning.  The mailbox kitties.  All was well there.  The tarps are firmly staked and ready for the wind.

Then to Second, behind Paul’s house, another mess.  There is a black kitty and a white with black one usually, but I have not seen them lately, just big rats.  I need to end this spot I think.  But what about the cats….;

Off to the new location on Pennsylvania, where I just rescued Callie from, and the two remaining old timers have found the new feeding/shelter spot after that CREEP threw out my shelters when he began renovating this boarded up house.

Finally, I arrive at my last location near Fourth.  The four kits, two red and two calicos are always waiting for me.  They head butt each other and do circle dances on the snow until I begin my trek to the back of the lot.  I pass my little garden on my way back, and think of spring.  The little red now trust me enough to rub and scratch him, and Big Red #2 now lets me touch him too!

As I drive home, I’ve been feeding cats at the end of Melville, near Webster, where I just rescued Melody from.  I want to begin trapping there, and have already done one TNR, as there are so many cats there also.  I place food and water down on the sidewalk and call for them before I head home.

And that’s my day.  Off to work, and hopefully some play.

Have a great day.



Baldwin Babes

Kitten rescued from Baldwin Mama

Old Garson Ave Location

Peanut Butter aka Ben


  1. Hey j !
    Anybody using the new huts at fourth and penn yet ?
    Please get a photo if you spot a kitty in one.
    I'd love to see it !
    Thanks !

  2. Hey !
    Me again (haha)
    Make sure you get a pic of the other new shelters you mention.
    We want to see them !
    Thanks !