Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holy Moly

Well, what a storm.  Yesterday morning started out perfect.  No wind, no rain, no snow.  Nothing.  I went to work, and by 1 pm. I was told that my roof was blowing off.  The next thing I knew was that my power went out.  Me and 99,999 others in Monroe County.  By 3 pm., I was home assessing the damages, calling the insurance company, and preparing to get the candles out for a long night of darkness.  The wind – highest gusts were 81 mph.  I remember walking out to my car at 3 pm. from work and I could barely move the wind pushed me back so hard.   All I could think about was the cats, and their shelters. My roofer stopped by to see the damage.  This is how it looked at 4 pm., and I was sure it was much worse this morning, but couldn’t see, as I left in the dark to come to work.

This is one of the trees that was down on my street.  Scary, really.  It just missed this house on the corner of Farmington and Fairfax.

By early darkness (5:30 or 6?), I said ‘f’ it (forget it – ha!) and went to bed.  By 2 am, I was waking and looking at my cell phone, which had about 10% juice left.  I tried to charge it in my car late afternoon, but it wasn’t working.  I actually stayed in bed until 3 am.  I was laying there dreading what I would find on my route.  I got up and it was about 50 maybe in the house.  It was very dark.  No coffee.  Freezing.  But out the door I went (I did brush my teeth!)

My first stop was unscathed.  Perfect.  Next spot, one dish missing, but tarp still on it.  Next spot, the flimsy Styrofoam shelters moved around and the tarp was barely on, but all was well.  Just needed new food dishes.  I don’t have enough heavy plates, so I use large paper plates.  Next stop, where there are at least 15 cats with no shelters, I placed their food dishes down lovingly on the porch where someone who apparently purchased the property recently and has removed my shelters and dishes, but I continue to place because there is NOTHING else I can do for them.  They are so sweet, and so hungry.  I am very sad and upset about this spot, as soon, there will be no place for me to feed all these cats.  Next stop on Garson, all was good, just missing two dishes in the back shelter.  Next stop – GOOD GOD.  Of course, my phone was not working to take a picture, but a huge limb was on the ground. The tree was ginormous to begin with, and half was on the ground.  JUST MISSED the shelters.  I had to crawl around to get to them, and feed the waiting cats, who were probably scared to death.

Crossing Webster to the next stop, all was good, just the board was down.  Keep in mind, as I was travelling the streets, it was eerily dark on many, as their power was gone also.  Crossing Goodman, to Short, Baby Buttons, Mr. Whiskers and Sam were all waiting.  Their shelter and tarp was askew, but survived.  There are two pit bulls on the other side of the fence now, and are scaring me to death.  There is a large hole in the fence where I am sure they could get through, but I placed a table that was in this vacant lot over the hole, so they can just get their head through, but if they push it hard, and can get through that fence, I’m in trouble.  They bark and snarl and growl.  Its really become quite frightening doing this spot.  But I am still ok.

Onto the next stop on 7th.  The shelter Liz brought to me yesterday did not survive.  It needs to be rebuilt.  The other heavy duty one she brought was good.  I had to straighten the tarp and change the filthy towel, otherwise, all was good.  At Syd and Johnnys across the road, all was good.  Next spot on Central, all was good.  Next spot on Third, all was good, except had to replace a few bowls.  I wrote to the city to give me access to the front of the house where my shelters are boarded up inside, and I have heard nothing.  I do hope they respond soon and help me.  Next stop, I was holding my breath, as I had just purchased a large 10x12ft camouflage tarp and stakes to hold it in the ground at Home Depot last Friday.  I thought for SURE, this would be gone.  Lo and behold, the tarps were all blown off, hanging by thread.  This is where I call the mailbox kitties spot.  Lots of beautiful cats here, and I am trying to get them all spayed and neutered.  I’ve done four so far.  It took me a while to get them back, I did lose a Styrofoam shelter here but had an extra in truck, so replaced.   I replaced the tarps as best as I could, but I will be going over to Home Depot on my lunch today to purchase more stakes, I couldn’t find the others there. 

Next stop was Paul’s house on Second, all was well there. Next stop, the vacant lot on Pennsylvania, I have successfully gotten the two kitties that were booted from the house on the corner where the jerk is redoing the house and destroyed all my shelters there – four of them to be exact.  I got out of the car thinking the flimsy shelters I hurriedly placed there in the dark would be gone.  They were not, but the tarp was.  Last stop, where little Scooter was recently rescued from his suffering, all was ok too.  Except the tarps were blown all over. 

All in all, I was amazed at how these shelters were pretty much intact.  It still took me two hours to do this morning, but it was ok.  I wasn’t in a hurry because I would only be going home to a cold and dark house.

My needs:  Food, tarps (dark green or camouflage), large paper plates (the good kind – Dixie?), heavy ceramic plates, and shelters.  BOY DO I NEED NICE SHELTERS.  I NEED WOODEN SHELTERS.  These will be more pleasing to the city, and neighbors eyes when they are crafted.  I will share some examples of what I would like.  Calling all handy men and women!

I hope you all survived this storm.  It was a doosy. 

Have a great day (and may the power be with you!  and me!).


  1. Hey !
    I am buying wood to build shelters today !
    Please email me a pic of what design you want.

  2. Thank God you only lost two shelters! I was praying for them and the poor cats. It's got to be a miracle that so many were spared with those winds! I'm glad that your house was spared from any falling trees, although it's too bad about your roof shingles. We hardly got anything compared with your area. Hope your power is back on soon. Do you have alternative heating, like a fireplace?