Friday, March 10, 2017

Bitter Cold Reality

Headline from the Democrat & Chronicle this morning.  Bitter cold at the Wagner household too.  Day…  three.  And the predictions are that it could be a week at some places.  Well, in two more days it will be a week, and the overnight temperatures this weekend likely will be in the single digits, with daytime highs in the 20s.  Boom chacka lacka.  Its not fun.  There are still LOTS of folks out there with no power, including my mother, and including my mother’s BF, who is 92.  His apartment yesterday was 63 degrees, my mothers, 52 yesterday, mine this morning – 45.

I think the worst thing of all this is that I can’t brew a cup of coffee before I head out the door to go into the darkened neighborhood of Beechwood, and get out 16 times to feed cats.  I think its that cold air that hits you when you step out of bed, and hurriedly get your warm clothes on that wakes you up and snaps you into a fully alert mode. 

I do appreciate all the folks that offered help to me yesterday, from meals to shelter at their house, to offering to go out to help me rebuild the shelters.  Its so wonderful to have people that care.  I went out to Home Depot to get some more stakes for the tarp on Second that blew apart on Wednesday.  The stakes on one side of it stayed grounded, the other half, the stakes blew away along with the tarps.  Just an FYI, I can’t use blue tarps, they are too noticeable.  Dark green or camouflage is what is needed.

This morning as I pulled up to Seventh Street location, I saw a prostitute start walking toward me thinking I was a customer pulling over for her.  I waited in the car because another car was coming up behind me.  I got out as the car stopped next to her, they spoke, she came around to the passenger side, and as she got in, I yelled to her, "you better be careful."!  I just can't help it! 

Here is what it looks like at Baldwin and Grand Avenue.

And here is what my house looked like this morning before I left for work at 6 am.  Lots of candles.  And no, it is NOT romantic, whatsoever!  

Wish me luck that my power is restored.  I want a nice warm weekend and I want to cook!

Here are pictures of shelters that I would love to have.  I need to clean up a few areas, and these cats deserve some better homes at some of my locations.  Just sayin...

Have a great day!

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  1. Hang tight Janine!
    I'll be building two single hole shelters for this weekend !
    I'll put pics of the build process on the Facebook