Monday, March 27, 2017

Woo hoooooo!

First off, its MY BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday, to me!  :)  As much as I hate getting older in age, I still feel like a kid, and secretly love my birthday.  Who doesn't?  My mother, every year, tells me the story of my birth, and how I flew out so fast the doctor caught me on the other side of the room.   She said the first words out of my mouth were "where's lunch" ha ha.  :) 

Secondly, it was a GREAT weekend!  Even though I didn't have a moment to myself, or friends that wanted just a piece of me for a minute and I couldn't give it to them, it was good as far as adoptions.

Lets see, first we have Melody.  Her new mom is a funny girl, but a sweetheart nevertheless.  I picked her up from her fabulous foster mom on Friday, and brought her to her new home, where she has a dad, or granddad, and a new mom.  I will wait to get an update and post for you, along with a picture or two.  But Melody turned out to be a true sweet little girl, and is a lucky one at that.

Next we have Charlie.  I rescued Charlie just last week, he was a former TNR, and was brought into the clinic the same day as he was rescued to get a check up and some eye medicine for his infection.  Charlie used to watch me from a distance, ever since I had to let him out of the trap one morning - I think I had named him Cesar from Central.  But ever since he was neutered, he would sit at a distance waiting for me to pour the food under the mailbox and then devour it after I left.  I would watch him sometimes run from the mailbox on Second, all the way to Third Street where I also feed, just to get some food.  His little fat legs would run run run!  Finally, one day, he was bold enough to come closer and closer and get a whiff of whatever I had in my hand.  And then the day came where I grabbed him and said GOTCHA!  What a lucky little boy he has been since.

On Friday, a very nice girl came over to meet him because she was going to surprise her lonely father for his birthday.  She had a choice between Charlie and another kitty she was going to meet on Saturday.  Charlie and I waited anxiously, bit our nails together and then said a prayer before bedtime.  On Sunday morning, we got the news that the girl had chosen Charlie!  We were thrilled beyond belief!  Here is Charlie with his new dad in his new home!  :) 

To top all that off, I had the pleasure of meeting two wild and crazy people who drove all the way from Marion early Saturday morning to deliver some beautiful homemade wooden hut/shelters at one of my locations.  I missed the opportunity to get a picture of them, and the huts, as it was a nasty morning - rain and mud.   Patti and her husband Todd created some beautiful wooden huts that will do very well at this one location, and I am so appreciative.  I will get pictures when the weather cooperates.  It was still raining this morning.  Thank you once again to Karla from Keller's Kats who spread the word about this need for nice wood huts.  I need plenty.

And to top all that off, this morning, another wild and crazy couple associated with Keller's Kats drove all the way from Walworth at 5 am. to deliver one very large shelter, where we placed at my city garden spot.  Its a beautiful shelter as you can see from the picture.  This shelter joins the two smaller ones that Joel built!  I can't wait for better weather when I can tear apart the existing structure which consists of very old and very dirty plastic and Styrofoam huts under boards and tarps that these poor animals have had to endure for a few years now.  They can now exist with at least some good, wooden houses.  This particular one came with a porch!  Thanks Andrea and Lou!

So as you can see, it was quite the weekend!  Score one for the cats!  :)

Have a great day!

"Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 39 :) is far sexier than her younger counterpart."
said the hottest guy on the planet :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janine!! Celebrate your day doing whatever brings you joy!! Thank you to those the adopted kitties this weekend and to the craftsmen who made those gorgeous houses. This was a good weekend! Nancy C.

  2. Happy Birthday Janine!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Great job on your adoptions and thank you to those who made you the beautiful shelters. We have to meet for a birthday drink! xoxo

  3. Wow !
    Nice looking shelter !
    Lots of room !
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY cat lady !
    I'll bet even old grouchy Tony is wishing you a happy day.

  4. Happy Birthday. Thank you for all you do for the kitties.

  5. Now all you need is a nice glass (or 2) of wine to top off your celebration. What great news.

  6. Happy Birthday Cat Angel! Have you heard anything from ESL? I nominated you for the Jefferson Award again making it the 4th year in a row. One of these years hopefully they will recognize you for all you do. Keep up your Excellent work and enjoy your Special Day.

    Walt & Karon Simoni

  7. I'm in love with that little Charlie! He looks so pudgy and lovable! I hope he bonds quickly with his new dad.
    Great job on Melody's adoption, too! Two in one weekend! Now, who will be the next lucky kitty?
    I hope you had a great birthday! Those shelters sound like the perfect presents.