Friday, March 17, 2017


Each year, someone surprises me with a delivery of flowers to my office, and its signed Meow Meow.  I would love to know who this is!  Come clean please!  What a beautiful arrangement for St. Patrick's Day.  I am so touched year after year by this gesture.   Aren't they beautiful!  Thank you Kitties???  (click on pic to zoom in to read the card!) ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘

This morning WAS MUCH BETTER!!! 

It was still a workout, but not as bad as the past two mornings.  Thank you Jesus!

At one location, in the back of a vacant lot, I counted the steps I had to take through some STILL pretty high snow, in my footprints from yesterday, even though it was close to 40 degrees yesterday and the sun was shining, and the snow did go down.  I counted 102 steps to get back to the shelter on this lot.  That's 204 steps round trip in the snow.  Just think of how hard it was to place those footsteps that were there imprinted already for me this morning.  UGGHG!  I want spring!

Baby Buttons and Mr. Whiskers this morning...

I really want to rescue Baby Buttons.  I have his mom with me, Mommy Buttons.  She sleeps with me every night, but is still very timid.  I hug her and kiss her and force her to stay with me for a bit, but she is still timid, and the cutest little thing.  Her little boy has been on Short Street for too long now, with Mr. Whiskers #2, and Sam, who I have not seen in a week now.  Of course how can I forget Millie too, but I h ave not seen her either.  This morning it was just Baby Buttons and Whiskers, but how can I leave Whiskers alone there?  I cannot rescue another until little Saroo gets adopted. 

Saroo will have a meet and greet in the morning so fingers crossed! 

Yesterday, Karla from Keller's Kats reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in having a website of my own.   Apparently, Frank Vaccaro, big advocate for lost and found cats, was contacted by a group of women from the University of Buffalo who have a project at school where they have to design a website, and wondered if he knew of any rescue groups they could help out.  He mentioned Keller's Kats, but they have their own already, and she thought of me.  Thank you Karla!

They contacted me, and its a go!  Here is what they said:  "Our project is essentially creating a website for an organization that needs one- or needs their revamped. Our group is made up of four females and we are all in the Information and Library Science program and University at Buffalo. Our class is Intro to Information Technology and we are learning how to design websites and code in HTML."

 I would love input from all of you as to what it should have, even though I do this blog.  I cannot devote a lot of time to the website, I have my hands full as it is.  Plus I have a page on PetFinder.  Input please?

Have a GREAT day!


  1. So glad your morning was a bit easier. Hope all the kitties survived and are back at the shelters. Callie and Princess Sophie wish you and all their friends a Happy St. Patrick's Day. By the way your MEOW MEOW bouquet is beautiful.

  2. Since Karla has a successful rescue and has given tremendous help & guidance recently, piggy back off of her website. Feature your cats you have that need homes and the ones that are still out there, what you do, donations you'd like, volunteers or foster opportunities, upcoming events like Meow & Chow, Feed A Cat for XMas, etc. Pics of before and after rescues, stories of cats that have been rescued & how they have adjusted, etc..

  3. Not a good idea for 501's to combine websites. Have them build it as simply as possible - cats for adoption, cats adopted, donation links (PayPal Amazon, a PO Box) and a link to your blog. If it's simple enough, someone will come along to help run it ��

  4. So glad that today was better! I hope Saroo's introduction goes well tomorrow. Fingers crossed! The website sounds like a great idea if you can get someone to run it, like you said.

  5. Hey Janine - I have LOTS of experience building websites.
    Your Blog site is already pretty good.
    It needs a few things, but what I would do is have them snazz it up for you, and then have someone take it over to keep its content fresh, up to date, and snazzy.
    Someone like ... err.. ME !
    If you are interested, I have a little time once a week to work on it for you.
    If you give me access, I can keep all the pages updated, fix problems, get your contact info easier to find, promote fund raisers, keep the cats needing adoptions and the happy endings page updated, yada ....
    Let me know ...

    1. But maybe Carrie already does this for you ?
      Sorry if I am being rude ....

  6. sample of my work :