Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!!!

Man oh man...  so much going on!

So Saturday started with a bang.  Don’t forget, I get up at 2:30 am every day.  So on Saturdays I get my shopping done, breakfast, begin cleaning my roost.  But Saturday Sheryl comes with me on Saturdays, and she gets to my house at 4:30, an extra half hour past my normal time, and we did a few things at each shelter which took extra time so that we didn’t finish up until 6:30.  It was still rough walking to some of the shelters because of the snow, so that slowed us down also.

9:00 a.m. - Saroo, the kitten I rescued two weeks ago during the first ‘storm’ when poor ‘Scooter’, the cat ravaged by some other animal was rescued, has been adopted!  That little guy was running toward me meowing in the middle of the street at 5 am. in this storm.  I am so grateful I got him. I fell in love with him.  He was such a little cuddler.  This wonderful family – four adorable girls and their mom, and Dad now has the company of three males – their dog, their cat Salem, and now Saroo, who has been renamed SKEETER!  J  They name all their animals with the letter S.  How cute.  Introductions between dog and cat and cat went well from what I’ve heard.

By now its 10 am. and I have not sat down since I got up at 2:30 am.  Its now cocktail hour for me.  Ha.  Seriously, I’ve been up for …  over seven hours and its only 10!

Breakfast is eaten and off I go on my cooking/cleaning binge that I do every Saturday! 

Joel and the shelters he built!
Sunday morning, I meet this nice man named Joel who also has been writing some great guest posts on this blog, at one of my locations, as he built two cute little wooden huts for me.  Thanks Joel for getting up, driving that distance, and meeting me at that ungodly hour of 5 am.  The huts are beautiful.  Nice job.  Now I need about a dozen more, which by the way, a few people are making one or two for me, which I am so grateful for.  Before I met Joel, I finished up my rounds, so that I could easily get home, have breakfast, and go back to sleep.  My one day I can do that! 

On Third and Central, where my shelters are still barricaded inside the front porch where the city boarded it up tight just before that storm, there was a cat that I TNR’d (trap, neuter, and return to the streets L ) and had been feeding for a while, and that cat actually came up to me Sunday morning.  He let me pet him!  I could see he had an eye issue, and some fur was missing from his side.  I could not believe it.  This cat actually came to finally trust me.  What a wonderful feeling.  You know its time when that happens.  Rescue was imminent.

Hi Charlie!
Well, lookee here!  This morning, with carrier in hand, climbing through the snow, I set the carrier down upright with the door open, and saw the little guy.  I called him over, he came, and I grabbed him by the scruff and in he went, no resistance whatsoever.  Now I had to get him home to see what he would be like indoors.

CHARLIE (for now)

Well, I have to say………………..  HE’s A LOVER!!!  He was very scared and nervous, but he just loved by rubbing and scratching of his chin and body, and he started to purr.  What a feeling!  I left him with a kiss on his nose and told him everything would be alright.  I have to find the perfect name for him now.

I have a vet appointment for him tomorrow, Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.  If anyone would like to sponsor his bill, I would be so grateful.  These rescues are so costly to me.  :(  (585-865-5220)  And now we need to find a foster or a forever home!  What a weekend!

Four kitties left on Pennsylvania.
I miss Scooter, the injured baby Karla and I rescued.

They run to me each morning when I pull up

Have a great day, spring is here!  

My Smokey Bear

Smokey says 'have a good day or I'll eat you!'


  1. I KNEW someone would get rescued today! Your bathroom was vacant and it's not allowed to stay that way for long! :) Yay for Charlie. It was his lucky day. You rock! I love and miss you!

  2. I think your starting to catch fire now. All the kitties in this neighborhood must have heard about you by now. I bet the next time we check in with the locals (in my next chapter maybe ?) we will get to see how they are reacting !
    I think next up for me will be a full ride along so I can see first hand all the characters and locations I can write about !
    Those shelters are pretty easy !
    I bet a can be coaxed into building a few more ....

    1. Not sure where you cam from, but thanks so much for joining Janine's team!!! Many blessings to you!

  3. Charlie has the sweetest face! Bless his little heart.

  4. First, you're amazing for getting two more kitties adopted and one more rescued! Second, you're nuts to get up so early. You must go to bed at 6 or 7 at night. Not that I'm one to judge about bedtimes as I'm still not asleep yet. :oP Third, Smokey is one handsome boy! Those green eyes against his plush gray fur are stunning. And of course, I'm partial to goofy cat fangs. :D