Monday, March 6, 2017

WARNING: Graphic Picture

Don't say I didn't warn you when your eyes look past this writing to the picture first.  You have to come back and read this.

It was a helluva weekend.  So Friday, as you all know, I set a trap at my last stop, the 16th location that I feed cats at every single day of my life.  This location has had five regulars, it topped 8 a year or two ago.  This is where I've named a few, including Big Red #2 who God knows how old he is, but he has survived here a very long time.  Scooter is the grey tabby tiger that never fails to meow until I finish pouring the food, and close up the shelter so that they can all enjoy their morning breakfast.  Scooter was the talker.  His meowing was saying "hurry up Mom!  I'm hungry!"

Last week I noticed him and he just didn't look right.  I can only think of the word broken.  He looked like he was 'broken.'  He wasn't walking right, and he wasn't meowing anymore.  Finally on Friday I set a trap.  Nothing.  Later that morning, I put a plea out for help.  I never ask for help because I feel like I am bothering people, but in desperate situations in the past, I would call my friend Laura from Habitat for Cats for help.  She is an expert at those hard to catch cats with her drop trap.  She also has helped me TNR many a kitties here.  One of the many sweethearts she captured for me was Hermie from Ferndale Crescent.  Hermie had this head tilt, and a baseball sized tumor hanging from his belly.

Hermie Today - adopted!
God only knows how long it took to catch that sweetheart with the head tilt from mite infestation in his ears and neurological problems.

Scooter Captured

This time a rescue group Keller's Kats offered their help when I described this little boy to them.  Saturday morning, they came, large fishing nets in hand, to help me get Scooter.  Even Laura from HFC drove in from Webster as a back up with her drop trap!  The weather conditions couldn't have been any worse.  Snow came down in buckets, we had close to six inches that morning?  The temperature had to be in the single digits with the wind chill, and it was windy.  I went back to the shelters, and did my normal thing.  I saw all the others, but no Scooter.  Finally, Karla from Keller's Kats spotted him in the yard next door.  We all slowly walked away, and Scooter started going toward the shelter for food.  I was handed a fishing net and panicked because I've never used one, but I have been fishing in my life!  I walked slowly to the entrance to the shelter, and there was broken Scooter.  I made a fast move and slammed the net on him.  He was half in, half out, and I shouted for HELP! and Karla made her way over with her net.  She finally scooped him up, gloved hands and all, and placed him in the waiting carrier.

He was brought in to the vet later that morning, and he had such severe bite wounds, obviously from a larger animal than another cat, he was just torn to shreds.  This poor angel went a whole week like this.  I made the decision to put this baby out of its pain.   I missed him Sunday morning, and missed him again this morning as I went there to his four remaining friends.

My Poor Scooter...
I am forever grateful to Keller's Kats, for coming out in the weather and early morning to help me help Scooter.  At one point, I thought he had already died when we didn't spot him at first.  I can't tell you the feeling of knowing that Scooter wouldn't go one more day in the pain he was in.    If you think about all the other angels we don't know about that are suffering, it would just blow your mind.  So I don't.  I only do what I can do.  So between Scooter and Hope this year, I hope I don't have to see any more.  If I do, I know who to call!  :)

And that morning wasn't over!  As I went to another stop nearby, I noticed the City had come along and boarded up the shelter for several cats on the front porch of a house set for demolition, with my shelter and their food bowls inside.  Shame.  Shame on the person that could do that, in those extreme temperatures, and the cats huddling nearby not understanding.  I know we all have our jobs to do, but shame on you.  Karma.  I believe in it.


ON A GOOD NOTE!  As I got into the car, Saturday Sheryl said 'look!' - I looked, and this little fella was running toward me, in the middle of the street, meowing.  I immediately scooped him up, named him Saroo (thanks Kristin) meaning lion, and he is going to be vetted this week!  And then ready for a home!  Talk about when one dies, another is born.  Same here.  Two rescues in the same morning.  From heartbreak to sheer joy.


That's Timmy Tucker trying it out

And before I forget!  Little Poptart was delivered to her new mom Sunday.  Kristin arrived with the little transport box she made her in the morning, and drove over three hours to meet his new mom halfway.  She was a good little girl says Kristin!  More updates on her soon!

I'm out of time, but I thank you for reading as far as you did.  Ha.  :)

Have a great day!

“If ever there is a tomorrow
When we’re not together

There is something you
Must always remember

You are braver than you believe
Stronger than you seem
And smarter than you think

But the most important thing is
Even if we are apart

I’ll always be with you.”


  1. how very sad that this had to happen, but it is a blessing that his end was kind and not in the snow, which easily could have happened. thank you to everyone, you included, for taking the time.

  2. Oh - poor Scooter; at least he's not suffering anymore thanks to you, Karla & hubby and Laura. And thank you Kristin for driving that long distance to deliver Poptart - you all are blessings to the homeless kitties.

  3. OMG - poor scooter !
    How horrific !
    I will honor him by including his tale from his point of view in my next chapter.
    Thank you Janine for rescuing him and ending his suffering.
    I hope you will be ready to greet all the cats you have helped over the years when YOU cross the rainbow bridge ( heh - that could take a while )

  4. I'm so glad you and your team of angels were able to catch Scooter and give him a peaceful ending to his misery. I'm so sorry it had to end that way. God bless you!