Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tequila Sunrise!

Yes, I would love one of those right about now, but that's not the point.  That is what the sunrise looks like this morning.  BEAUTIFUL!

I had company on my rounds this morning - thank you Joel - author and astronomer, lover of cats.  After the first slam of the door, Joel quickly learned my ways.  No slamming doors, no talking loudly, walk behind me, sit in the backseat, place the water beside me when I am pouring the food.  You would know what I am talking about if you've every ridden with me before.  :)  Thank you Joel, for getting up at that hour and going out in the dark with me.  I always appreciate the help.  :)

All the suspects were out and about this morning.  Including a few humans.  After finishing up at my Central and Second location, a big, loud, black woman was walking toward me shouting 'what you doing!'   When she got close enough, before she could say another word, I made the mistake of saying, "I don't have anything, I'm just feeding the cats."  Because that is what is asked of me by ANYone I run into in the mornings.  Most have stopped asking, because they know I have nothing.  But its always money and cigarettes.  Well, this girl started with 'what makes you think I was going to ask you something?  Just because I'm black?" and on and on she went.  I repeated over and over, "I apologize" and "its what everyone asks me out here".  Finally, after having enough of her boozy breath in my face, I got in the car, and last thing she said was "you got a cigarette?"  Right.

It was a pleasant morning to say the least.  But boy, am I tired of doing it.  :(  Food and money donations are the only thing that keeps me going.

GEORGE on Garson

My next rescues - maybe George on Garson?  And Fluffernutter on Parsells.  He's been on the streets for so many years.

I have to include these pictures here that I shared on Facebook yesterday.  A co-worker has a friend with a cat with one eye.  She obviously has a great sense of humor, my kind anyways, when she found a fake toy eye, and placed it on the socket with no eye.  I found it HILARIOUS.  Just have to share.  :)  And yes, she LOVES her cat.  :)

Have a great day everyone!

"Keep your thoughts positive
because your thoughts become
your words.

Keep your words positive
because your words become
your behavior.

Keep your behavior positive
because your behavior becomes
your habits.

Keep your habits positive
because your habits become
your values.

Keep your values positive
because your values become
your destiny."


  1. That sunrise is GORGEOUS. I have to laugh at that lady who confronted you this morning - asking the obvious after giving you such a hard time. Thank you Joel for riding with Janine - I've tried and suffered the rest of the day (not to mention I never went home w/o a carrier and a kitty in tow). Nancy C.

  2. It was really fun !
    You might be surprised to hear me say that, but I'm used to being up at funny hours. When you do astronomy you have to be up and out when the stars are !
    I thought it was a great experience to watch such a dedicated and efficient angel at work (yep that's you Janine) and I count myself fortunate to have done it.
    I will gladly do it again some time.
    In the meanwhile, I can help her in lots of other ways.
    Keep an eye out for more chapters in the kitty stories right here !

  3. Gorgeous sunrise! Did you take that photo?
    I think the pics of the googly eye cat are hilarious and totally something I would do.

    What's the latest on Cookie, Peaches, Baylee, and Spencer? Spencer is yours now, right? And Baylee, too. What about the other two?