Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TNR Tuesday

So I discovered there was one more baby left from the litter that produced two beautiful sets of nearly identical twins - first rescued were Sydney and Joanie, and then two weeks later, Riley and Squirt.   Now, here we are, three or four weeks later, and I discovered this last baby.  I set a trap, and boom, in he or she went.  I named her/him Baby.  My heart breaks over this one.  I am nearly positive Baby is too feral now to rehabilitate.  I will have to let Baby go back to the street tomorrow.  So tiny, so young, so dirty, as you can see from the picture if you click on it to zoom in, but will not produce babies.  Baby's sibs are all girls.  Wonder what Baby is.  My heart is breaking.  It will double break when I get Baby back from clinic today and have to see in the trap and keep over night and triple break when I have to let Baby back tomorrow morning.  I don't know how I do this.

Baby from Bay Street

It was a very long morning setting traps and feeding.  I set a trap on Parsells #2 hoping to get the beautiful long haired white cat with red markings, but no one would go near it.

Gabriele from Garson Avenue
The first trap I set was on Garson, there are new youngsters there.  I then set at Parsells #2 but nothing.  Finishing up the front nine, I remembered the kitten on the side of Syd & Johnnys Auto Garage on Bay Street, so I set it there, went about my feedings, tried to grab the little fluffy kitten on Central and Fifth, but he wanted nothing to do with me this morning.  Finishing up rounds, I went back and Baby was in the trap.  So scared.

Days like this I find it sad to write a post.  There ARE good things happening out there, but I am spent for today.  I will leave it there for now.  PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER.  And SPREAD THE WORD to everyone you know.  IF someone needs help, please help them.

Have a nice day everybody.


  1. Oh that is so sad - Baby has no siblings on the street and is alone. I pray someone who is good with feral babies can foster this little one and save him from the streets, esp. with winter quickly approaching. Nancy C.

  2. Are you sure he/she is feral and not simply scared out of her mind? I had a cat that I took in that was so angry, I thought there was no way she would ever come around. It took some time but she finally did. She was just completely terrified from being removed from her situation. Would one of the fosters that have the other kittens be willing to take her?

  3. I have socialized and tamed kittens much older than that. It can be done.

  4. Please don't put Baby back!!!!