Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TNR Tuesday

MUFFIN From Pennsylvania

Petunia from Melville

What a frustrating morning it was.

So if you recall, a few years back I received a call from a woman who lives off Bay Street near the clinic I used for TNR's each Tuesday.  She had gotten my number from a rescue group, which I was not happy about - I had and have had enough stuff on my plate too.  But I couldn't say no to her plea for help.  And actually wound up recruiting a friend's daughter who stepped up to help with trapping some kittens she was feeding on her porch.  The woman has some 'issues' but is a good person and does feed cats on her porch (and has a cat of her own, McMuffin).  There are days I want to strangle her, she calls me incessantly, but I realize her 'issues' and I try to have patience with her.   She has been telling me about a red cat with bad eyes and she said if I could trap him and have him seen at the vet that would be 'lovely.'  So I told her to pay no attention, I would set it at 4 am. on her porch and that she can call me if a cat goes in.  Well, she must have called me at least four times while I was out setting another trap, and trying to feed at the 16 locations I have to feed cats at every single day.  She had to tell me this, or that.  How many cats were sitting there looking at the trap, etc.  But wouldn't go in.  At one point I called her back and asked her to go out and do her usual talking, and to throw some wet food into the top of the trap through the grate so that they think she is doing her usual feeding.  She called back and said she did but touched the trap and the trap door shut.  I had to drive a long way just to go back and reset the trap, and go back to where I was, on Niagara.  I wound up trapping an older kitten on Melville, so I was grateful for that - because at one point, I thought, oh great, I won't trap any and that will be a waste of two spots, where there are SO many spots that have unfixed cats.  Meet Petunia from Melville.

I got to my last stop, still just one cat trapped, one spot left to fill, and I saw the unneutered kitten that has been hanging around.  I went back to the Jeep in hopes of taking the carrier that is always in the car, and placing kitten in it, as my second spot at the clinic.   But guess what, no carrier in the car.  I could have killed someone at that moment.  I drove all the way back home, switched cars (as now the brake system lights are on in the Jeep! - what else can go wrong?), grabbed the carrier, drove all the way back, and grabbed the little guy by the scruff and placed him in the carrier. He is very sweet.  I will hate to return him to the street tomorrow. I figure he is about 7 months old.  Meet Muffin from Pennsylvania Street.

Finally, I swing back by the woman's house who had my trap and lo and behold, she had the trap moved and shut.  She went on and on how she couldn't do this anymore, etc.  I do feel bad for her, I am sure its frustrating having to feed cats, and WORRY about them.  My own mother is going through the same thing.  But if you want help, you  have to let me help.  Period. 

OK blood pressure, please lower yourself.

That’s it in a nutshell.

PS, Sydney and Joanie go in for their spay tomorrow, and now these two rascals today.  If anyone is so inclined to sponsor a spay, please call the clinic at 585-288-0600 and ask them to credit my account with your credit card.  It would help so much - both me and the cats.  You are not only having the cat fixed, but saving lives.  So many newborns suffer and die out there - not to mention the pain of labor and birth the momma cats have to endure.  Thank you in advance.

Sydney and Joanie


PS, Baxter's new mom reports he is now coming around.  Paddy's new mom reports that he slept on her lap for hours yesterday.   Now to get the kittens Squirt, Riley, Sydney, Joanie, and the adults Peaches and Peppercorn adopted!  Then I can rescue more!  Keep spreading the good word!


Have a great day!

"Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.  Kindness in giving creates love."

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  1. Aww, Muffin and Petunia are adorable. I can't imagine how hard it is to put them back, but at least they won't be making more babies. And Muffin won't be roaming as far looking for lady cats and fighting with other males. Good catch on these two!

    I just sent you an email.