Monday, November 28, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JANET A!

As we did last year, the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign is underway.  I figure it costs me nearly $40 per day to feed the cats that I feed in the Beechwood section of Rochester, Public Market area as most know it as.

I go through over 30 pounds of dry food a day, and I think 50 (FIFTY) cans of wet food.  That's about $40.  Its a lot of money, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to each and every person that donates, in any way possible, even a gift card, even a ride along with me!  It helps tremendously.  THANK YOU~!

A great big thank you to JANET A! for your donation of Walmart gift card toward the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign.  Thank you from the bottom of their fat little bellies!  I say fat because their are some that are showing how well fed they are, thanks to you!

Sydney and Piper (formerly Joanie)

From Syd and Piper's new parents:

"Hey Janine,

    They are doing GREAT!!!!! They LOVE staring out my windows and watching the birdies. They LOVE playing with a string, foil balls, and this string thingy attached to a stick. They are a bundle of energy but its so cute when they crash. They sleep so hard!! One looks for the other and starts meowing when they can't find the other. They sleep together all the time. Their latest place is under my couch, in the lining, so it's like a little hammock for them. My cats have adjusted fairly well to them. My youngest doesn't know what to make of them as they have so much energy, more than he has. :) They are simply adorable!!! I cannot imagine them being separated from each other. They are so attached to each other, it's so freakin' cute!

Thanks again for letting us rescue them! They are absolutely a blast!!!"

Have a great day!

With my eyes, they will be seen...With my voice, they will be heard....
With my hands, they will know comfort...With my action, they will be free... 
~TNR and Rescue changes lives of animals.~

When the angels are busy God sends rescuers

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  1. What a great update from Sydney and Piper's new family! That is so adorable that they meow for each other. How precious!