Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving All - I wish everyone were eating Tofurky today, but I am sure most are not.  I've tried it, and its actually not bad!  Poor turkeys...  :(

I've been off this week so have been really lazy writing this blog.  Plus so much going on at my house - have been baking, cooking, cleaning, painting, - its been just plain crazy.  Vacations are not really vacations unless you fly somewhere and sit on a beach under a coconut tree.  Right???

All the kitties out there are well and good.  I am treating SEVEN from Seventh Street for a minor cold.  Slipping Doxycycline into his food.  I am running out so if anyone has a spare supply I would appreciate it.  There are so many sick kitties out there, I would love to have enough to slip into their wet food so that they could heal before the brutal winter begins.  Thanks to Carole for my last supply. 

Little Dixie is coming around.  She is sweeter than sugar, honestly.  Still very scared, but once you have her in your arms, she purrs.  A family came to see her yesterday, but I dont' think she was quite what they were looking for. There is a big difference between kittens born on the streets, and those born to mothers that were rescued, NOT FERAL, and have given birth at home.  But with time and patience, these kittens come around, and make the sweetest pets.  Look at Joanie, Sydney, Riley and Squirt!  They've been adopted and are thriving!  Although I need an update from their adopters and soon!  :)

Have a great day!

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  1. Janine,

    Wishing you, Kings and the rest of your family a very healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. Keep up your Excellent work (Cat Angel).

    Walt & Karon Simoni