Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Catch of the Day:  (CLICK ON PIC TO ZOOM)

CELESTE from Central & Second

PUNKY from Parsells
Today is TNR Day.  Its also Sponsor a Spay Day.  I am hoping someone will call the clinic and make a donation in my name for one of the kitties above.  It costs me $60 for me to spay and neuter each cat.  If you are able, please tell me so that I can acknowledge you!  The number is 585-288-0600.  Thank you on behalf of these kitties!

Punky is just a kitten.  I believe he or she may be the last of the kittens I was not able to rescue when they were very little.  He is about six months old now, I believe.  Quite feral also.  I did have Momma spayed earlier in the fall.    Celeste, I believe, is the mother of the five kittens I once saw, but now see only three. Two little black and white ones, and that adorable fluffy tabby that rolls over on its back, that I was nearly able to grab the other day.  Uggh.  

Did you know that two years ago, it was Janine Wagner Day in the City of Rochester!  :)  Thanks Maria for remembering.  My mother remembered last year and sent me a card, but forgot this year.

I occasionally run into some odd characters in the morning.

Lisa was out the other day, mumbling something.  I pointed her out to my friend Terrie, who rode with me for a second time, and told her how I tried to have assault charges against her, as she's been a terror in the neighborhood, most especially to cats, for years now.  I am not frightened of her, she has a mental illness for sure, but she plays games with my stuff a few houses down from her, and she might be at it again.  I haven't seen her in a year at least. 

Sometimes, while pouring food, or walking away or to a shelter, someone is walking past, and I immediately greet them with a hello!  Some greet me back, and some keep walking, saying nothing.  Those are the ones I have to keep an eye out for when I turn my back, even for a second.  Some are just not social, which doesn't mean they are violent.  Another morning not to long ago, a younger black man walked over talking loudly - unintelligible, and came a little too close to the Jeep on Short Street, his body jerking around all over the place, and I walked BACK to the car to turn it off, said 'what's going on.' but he turned around and left.  That was a bit scary for me, but I've not seen him again.

There are all sorts of characters out there.  Most see what I am doing and just walk past.  Have not seen homeless Will in a long time.  I worry about that man.

Speaking of puke (yesterday's post), Vanessa just did - ON THE CARPET. 

Have a nice day!

"If you want to know what a man’s like,

 take a good look at how he treats his 

inferiors, not his equals."


  1. Hi Janine, In Memory of Henry Honey Ham I donated $60.00 to the clinic for one of the spay/neuters today.
    love you and all the work you do!
    aka Darrin's sister

  2. OMG!!! Amy - I just saw your comment - you are SO SO SO awesome! Thank you! It's funny you picked today to sponsor a cat because I always called one of my cats "Punky" instead of her real name (which was moonbeam). And to do that in memory of Henry makes me so grateful. I am blessed to have you as my sister-in-law and friend!!

  3. Janine- In memory of my sweet little Gabriel who passed away tragically a few months ago (who I noticed you may have named a little kitty you TNR'd last week after!) I just made a donation to your account at RCAC. Keep up the great work!!
    Carole Reed