Monday, November 14, 2016


She's home!!!!! After 36 hours on the loose outdoors, thank you St. Anthony and everyone who prayed and cared!

I swear, either they are pissing (pardon my French) on your carpet, or using the litter box just after you finish cleaning it, or scattering their litter all over the place and you have to constantly sweep up, or puking up a hair ball, or knocking something over, or pawing at the water bowl so the water is going all over the place, or pay gazillions of dollars to make them better if they are sick, or they are sneaking out the door.  And what do we do after all that?  Squeeze them and snuggle them and kiss their nose and (I do) and kiss them on their mouth, and pick them up and put them under the covers with us, and love them and try protect them.  We would do just about anything for our little ones.  Even though they can be BRATS!

So yes, thank you to everyone that cared.  And guess what.  She got out again this morning, but stood on the steps looking up at me, and was brought right back in.  BRAT.  She is quick.  Today, when the contractors arrive, she will be safely placed in the basement room with her water, litter box and food, and will be snoozing on her favorite chair.

It was a very busy weekend for me. Friday was the day I brought little Squirt and Riley to a girl whose boyfriend is going to adopt them.  He lives on Conesus Lake and the transfer will happen shortly.  They have been moved from here and there so many times, I hope they settle in smoothly, and quickly.  Saturday I had the hospital gala to work and then had a bit of fun there, which led to me getting up a bit late the next morning to feed the cats!  But out I went!  Even when I am not feeling well, I am still faithful to those cats.

On Sunday, I went to pick up Peppercorn at his foster mom’s house in Caledonia and drove him to his new home in Conesus.  Total drive time was three hours (with maybe 10-15 mins. In between to talk at each stop).  It was a long drive, but worth it.  Peppercorn has a wonderful new family and a wonderful new home.  His foster mom was very sad to see him go but realizes that we can now save another baby from the street.  So many wonderful kitties out there.  Foster Mom Alaine is also awaiting her next charge.  I can’t wait to rescue another!  I just need a bit of time to get the next one, so hold on ladies!  J

Tomorrow is TNR day.  Lets see who I get!
Have a great day!


  1. Sooo glad about Vanessa - what a rascal!! I can relate to the litter - Cutie Pie waits as I change it so she can be the first into the new litter - everytime!! Gotta love them with their personalities! Nancy C.

  2. I'm so relieved that Vanessa is home again. I guess the little monster didn't learn her lesson, though! But now I know where my boys get their naughtiness from: dear old mom.

    Thank you to Peppercorn's foster mom for fostering him and loving him so much. And thanks also to Alaine for opening her heart and home to another kitty. I think it takes a very special person to love an animal unreservedly knowing that it's only a temporary situation.