Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Camster

I got soaked right to the bone this morning.  It started very lightly just as I was finished with my first stop.  By the time I got to the seventh stop, it was coming down hard.  I was wearing a light windbreaker, which was definitely not rainproof.  It was not a fun morning.  Little Muffin was not at the last stop this morning.  I worry.  In fact, I reached out to a woman who is wanting to foster, she lives right near me, and I asked her if she would foster Muffin.  She agreed!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this when I had him in my carrier overnight after his surgery.  I should never have let him go.  Just a kitten.  I have to make tough decisions, and its not easy.

Yesterday I received a message from baby Jules new mom – she is Cammy’s mom too! 

"He is doing awesome!! He has settled right in and he and Cammy are best friends- I think he thinks Cammy is his dad! Haha. Anytime Cammy lies down, he snuggles right into him and takes a snooze. He is a playful and loving little guy and he has been helping Cammy learn how to play like a kitten- you should see Cammy galloping around trying to keep up with him. It's hysterical...sounds like a heard of elephants coming through! Lol

We named him Garfield and the kids got a kick of watching the TV show Garfield Halloween special and showing it to our Garfield. He didn't seem too impressed but was intrigued by our pumpkin carving!"

Cammy was a stray that I had been feeding on a vacant lot on Central Park for well over a year.  It took that long for him to get close enough for me to begin to touch, then pet him.  He survived a very harsh winter that year, and a very wet and rainy spring.  He was a mess – his fur dirty, he showed signs of being in a fight, he had upper respiratory issues – I finally rescued him after realizing this was a sweet cat, even though he looked tough and mean, and he needed some medical and emotional attention.  He went to the vet where he tested positive for FIV.  Not deadly, just low immunity to sicknesses.  I kept him separated for a while until a rescue group offered to foster Cammy.  The rescue group had a foster named Karen, and when Karen met Cammy, she fell in love.  After a very long while, someone reached out to me asking if I had any FIV cats because they would love to adopt another into their household.  Cammy was it.  And he’s been the star of the house ever since.  Just a few months ago, the same woman reached out and wanted to adopt baby Jules, who by coincidence, was rescued at the very same location, several years later.  Jules was just a baby who I trapped on a Tuesday with her mom in the same trap.  He was a little wild at first, but came around after being fostered by the Cat Whisperer I call her, Melissa.  Jules went to his new home, and I share the latest with you from his new mom.  My heart is swollen with joy!  Of course I have to show off what Cammy looks like now with some other pictures of him. I am like a proud momma.  J

Cammy with his arm draped over Jules
Its amazing to me that these sweet angels are out on the streets struggling to survive.  We need more fosters, we need more adopters!  Because there are so many more like them still out there!


I had the pleasure of keeping the last set of kittens I rescued from Bay Street overnight last night.  They are going in for surgery this morning.  Riley and Squirt.  I have to tell you, having kittens is such a pleasure.  I had them on my chest this morning on the couch watching the news before getting ready for work.  I had them purring.  Their little tiny faces, their little pink paws...  They are nearly identical twins, they just have a few different markings.  Squirt has a little white on his nose, Riley doesn't.  Riley was on his hind legs wanting to get on my lap, which held Squirt nearly falling asleep when I was in the bathroom with them.  They are leery at first of you, but once they trust - they come out and want your attention.  They are so sweet.  And the twin girls, Joanie and Sydney, were both spayed yesterday and ready for a home.  The person interested in them yesterday has changed her mind.

Please spread the word about these angels!

Have a great day!

"We rise by lifting others."


  1. I am in love with the picture of Cammy and Jules!! How amazing that these 2 started out in horrific conditions and now have a best friend, a loving home, food, warmth and safety all because of you, your fosters and their forever families. You are all heroes.

  2. Oh and I can't believe no one has scooped up the kittens twins! They are cute as buttons!! Please share them everyone!!