Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! TOM and SUSAN!

Today's shout out goes to Tom and Susan D. in Texas!  I published their story several months ago when they wrote me their 'tail' of rescue from Rochester to Texas - they brought all their ferals with them!  They just couldn't leave them when they moved across the country!  Awesome people.  Thank you so much for your donation - to help feed over 100 cats for a day!  Two days actually!

This morning was also TNR Tuesday, and as luck would have it, the Catmobile broke down.  It wouldn't start at all.  I had to mad scramble to place two traps, one carrier, 4 2-gallon sized bags of dry food, three large water bottles, six large yogurt containers full of wet food, plus a bag with at least 15 cans of extra wet food, plus blankets and towels, all in my dinky car.  I am beside myself.  Have no idea what is going on with Jeep.  Obviously something.  Have to wait for shop to open, and then call AAA to be towed.  What a mess.  Its always something, isn't it?

ZIPPY from Central and Second
I set traps both on Melville and Parsells, and as more bad luck would have it, NADA.  I moved them - set one up further on Parsells, and then one on Central and Second, where all those grown kittens are - the mailbox cats, and voila! Got this little bugger, I call Zippy, because he and his sibs are so fast running across this street.  So sad. They are so cute.  I have to let him go though.  He/she is an older kitten, for sure.  I can't save them all.  My goal is to rescue Seven from Seventh Street, or Mr. Fluffypants #2 from Baldwin, tomorrow.  I have two fosters waiting in the wings for someone.  There were some 'characters' out and about this morning, so its always iffy to leave these traps and drive off.  I kept a close eye on this one though, making sure these 'characters' didn't go over to check things out.  They were just interested, I think, in buying some smokes, booze, whatever, from the bootleggers house on Second.

That's it for today.  Dixie/Baby is doing WONDERS at my friend's house, the Cat Whisperer.  Just amazing.  She will be adopted out in no time!.

Here is one pic of either Squirt or Riley - with their new big brother!  :)

Here is what Piper and Sydney's new mom has to say about one of them:


    I demand a refund from these kittens! Syd is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed my change jar getting lower, just thought it was me 'losing it.' Here's proof that Syd is a thief! That jar was full of change! Where did she learn this???? :)"


"The reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much... is because there are already so many people dedicated to hurting them."


  1. Today's post about the ferals move, Syd's stealing and Squirt or Riley with their new boy made my morning - which was previously going like yours and the Catmobile - thanks

  2. UGh, what a horrible start to your day, Janine. But that Sydney stealing from the coin jar, omgosh! She's going to be a handful, that one. Next she'll be opening doors and flushing the toilet for fun! And I love seeing your rescues with their new (human) brothers and sisters.