Monday, November 21, 2016

Its Here......


1 am.  – wake, hear wind howling.
1:15 am. – wake again, wind howling, sidewalk plow outside
1:30 am. – wake again
1:45 am. – wake again, kick cats off – too hot!
2 am. – wake – look at clock – dread
2:20 am. – get up, get going
3 am. – get Dixie out of cage, lay on couch, half listen to news, close eyes
3:40 am. – wake again – REALLY dread what I have to do, really don’t want to get up.
4 am. – out the door, shovel packed, shelter packed, three boards packed, bag of straw packed, food and water – check.
6:15 a.m. – back home.

Yes, that’s TWO HOURS and 15 minutes that it took me this morning.  I made it as best as I could for the homeless cats out there.  The snow is high.  There are some shelters that are good, but others, because of the wind we have had, were a mess.  I need a whole lot more to make it more comfortable.  Sunday Sheryl helped me as best as she could on Saturday, but a whole lot more needed to be done.  Which I did a bit more on Sunday – it was the WIND that cause all the problems.   This morning I placed boards to keep the wind out at a few spots, like behind Paul’s house, and the kittens/cats that I feed under the mailbox – kitties have two shelters across the street with tarp over them.  I did as best as I could for them too. 

They are predicting another two to four inches today.  Good gravy.

The GOOD NEWS is that Muffin went to his new family, and Riley and Squirt went to their new family.  Thursday was Sydney and Joanie’s adoption, and the weekend prior was Peppercorn’s adoption.  PC is now named Oreo, Muffin is now named Chip and then Sydney and PIPER (formerly Joanie).  All are doing great!

And if you will remember Charlie and Arnie, now named Charlie and Max, they are doing great as well, reports their mom.


Arnie (MAX)

Charlie and Max

Have a great day!


  1. SIX adoptions in a WEEK! That's amazing! You're amazing! Thank you Janine!

  2. Ugghh, I was think of you while you were getting ready to go out into that nasty storm. (Yeah, I'm up until all hours.) It must have been miserable for the poor cats. Hope this morning is better although the wind has been blowing all day.

    I can't believe how big those boys have gotten. They have the cutest facial markings. They look like they are in a great home, thanks to you!

    And yay for getting all those kitties adopted last week. Holy moly! Is that a record for you?