Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday BLAH!

Crazy weekend again, but that’s ok.  My life is very dull, so I like a bit of craziness…  makes me realize I am still alive.  I had fun with my nieces, who I took to an American Girl Doll fashion show - tickets free thanks to a co-worker who worked on this event for the hospital.  It was a great experience for the girls, and a chance to spend time with their Auntie.  :).  

Kittens Riley and Squirt were delivered back to their foster mom, and Muffin was delivered to his new foster mom, both on Friday.  My house was ‘normal’ for the weekend (no extra cats!).  My poor Scooter has had a severe URI (upper respiratory infection) which I’ve been treating with Clavamox, and  had every intention to boost that with Convenia which I was going to have him get at the clinic on Saturday, but turns out they were closed on Saturday due to short of vets.  We need more vets!~  So, I am monitoring him, but it doesn’t seem to be getting better. 

Saturday morning, one of the kittens on Fifth and Central let me pick him up and hold him (by the scruff of his neck - although he purred).  He is a gorgeous kittens.  I arrive and he rolls around on his back.  He is not neutered, and he IS a boy.  Long haired and really beautiful.  I know two of his sibs are black cats with white markings.  They are a  bit more skittish.  The fluffy one was not there this morning.  If he is tomorrow, my plan is to get him, have him as one of my neuters at the clinic, and maybe rescue him.  One less on that very dangerous corner. 

Kristin added up my TNRS and my rescues for 2016 over the weekend but I forgot the exact numbers.  I remember it was like 38 TNR’s and 39 rescues?  It’s a pretty proud thing really.  For just little old me.  Of course the rescues wouldn’t be possible without people like you who foster and adopt.  I still have four kittens, and three adults that need homes, but at least they are safe in foster care.  Riley and Squirt may be adopted this coming weekend, and Peppercorn as well.  Sydney and Joanie, and Peaches and Muffin are next.

The girl who is fostering Muffin is a doll.  Come to find out she lives just a few blocks away from me.  She has a wonderful home and family, and Muffin is making himself quite at home there.  Muffin has a hissing and growling issue when he sees the other animals, but he will get over that.  Sometimes these cats have to fight for their food out there, and they can get territorial.  Muffin is just a youngster so he will come around.  With the help of the gate that this girl purchased, he is going to acclimate quite well.

Speaking of this new foster, she went on a ride along with me this morning!  She works nights, so it was easy for her to come out.  I appreciate it when someone rides along so that they can see what I do, as I am always trying to spread awareness to the plight of what is really happening out there, because you just don’t see the cats like you do during the day, as you do in the mornings.

Last but not least, can anyone use a table?  Comes with four chairs.  $100, or best offer! 

"As you start and end your day, 
be thankful for every little thing
in your life.  You will come to
realize how blessed you truly are."

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