Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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The Bulldozer

The House, no longer there!
Short Street – so this Adam Bello guy is trying to rid the city of ‘zombie’ houses.  I can certainly understand, if I lived in a neighborhood with a boarded up house that sat there year after year, and had vandals breaking into it, and garbage strewn around, and with that comes rats, I would certainly want it gone too.  Or at the very least, sold to someone who would bring the house back to life.

But then I think of the house in another way.  A shelter of sorts for animals when inclement weather hits.  A place for me to put food for the animals with a roof so that it wouldn’t get wet when it rains, a place where I could build a little shelter either on a porch or on the east side of the house, with protection against the westerly storms we have. 

Regardless, I pulled up Monday to the house on Short and Seventh, the porch I used temporarily after I discovered my shelters across the street trashed and taken by the City, and there was a huge bulldozer there in the yard next to the house.  I thought, oh dear, there goes the house.  I immediately pulled the little shelter, the water dish and plate, and a few boards I had planned on using to build up another shelter elsewhere earlier in the fall.  I knew the house was going to come down.

Sure enough, this morning?  Gone.  Its amazing how they can clean up an entire structure, remove every single board that made up the house.   Level the ground, plant the grass.  Its amazing.  This house once had memories, most likely good ones, long long ago.  But its sat vacant for many many years due to a fire.  The residents of the house prior to the fire were just nasty people.  The way they kept the house, the outside, filth.  No wonder there were rats there from the beginning.  Filth.  So, it’s a good thing I guess.  The five kitties that reside at this location now have a new residence they can hide in when things get nasty, far from the road, and the haters that don’t like them.  Their new shelter. 

I was able to pick up Baby Buttons this morning.  He is getting ever so much closer to being able to rescue him.  I have his mom, Buttons, and I would love to join the two together again.  That will leave Millie, Mr. Whiskers #2, a calico, and the sweet boy I TNR’d in the early summer.  His sibs were adopted by a co-worker in the hospital.  She and her sister actually adopted three cats from me from this location.

I am off tomorrow, thank God.  I will be running the two ADORABLE kittens Riley and Squirt to their potential new home, I will be picking up Peppercorn and bringing him to his potential new home, and guess what, someone is going to meet Sydney and Joanie this evening, potentially wanting to adopt both, together.  ALL GOOD NEWS!  Muffin, the latest, is roaming his new foster mom’s house, and so far so good getting along with everyone!  J  IF all this goes well, I will be able to rescue another!  All is well.

Have a great day!

"How do we change the world?  One random act of kindness at a time."


  1. Empty houses can make very good neighbors.

  2. lets talk tomorrow. I can help you prep your spots for winter. I am SO happy Baby is safe.xoxox