Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Philanthropic Family!

4 am. this morning on Parsells
On Monday night there was a tragic accident on Parsells Avenue, just across from where I feed over 15 cats. The little boy died of his injuries after a car swerved to avoid another child, whereby he hit the little boy on the other side of the road.    I saw this makeshift memorial as I pulled up this morning, and knew that this was where the accident took place after seeing it on the news.  When children die this young it affects everyone, not just the family of the deceased, everyone.  The person that hit the child was not ticketed, apparently was not speeding or under the influence.  I can attest to cars speeding up and down this road in the early morning hours, even having to pick up a few dead cats over the years.  IT blows my mind how fast the cars can go – way over 60 mph in a 35 mph zone.  As I’ve grown older I’ve become much more conscientious about my speed in the city, and what can dart out in front of  you in the blink of an eye.  Even a squirrel – I would be devastated to hit any living thing.  I’ve done it and it’s a horrible horrible pain to know you took an animal’s life for nothing.  I could not even imagine the pain of knowing you took a child’s life.  Slow down everyone, and remember what’s under those cars you pass by, or what could dart out in front of you.  May God bless this little boy, and his surviving friends and family.

Speaking of cats, I had to let Punky back out at this exact location this morning.  There is a new mother cat here that I’ve been feeding.  I see her cross the street sometimes, so I believe her kittens are around somewhere.  Punky is a girl.    The other cat, Celeste, the calico, as we all know is a girl, but she was also pregnant.  Barefoot and pregnant.  Poor thing.  I am so thankful she went into the trap.  I had to let her back out on the street this morning.  Yes, she could have been adoptable, but I think it would take a lot of work given the length of time she’s been on the streets, and I am not quite ready to rescue one right now.  Soon, but not today.  But can you imagine?  ANOTHER little of kittens being born on the street that is now prevented.  I am just so grateful, even though abortion is another tragedy.  But it’s necessary when it involves the overpopulation of cats.  And we have an epidemic on our hands.  If you could see what I see, it’s just so sad to see all these cats out there.  Please help by spaying and neutering, and spreading the word.  Do you need to know how to trap?  Do you need to borrow a trap?  Let me know.  One person CAN make a difference.

From the comments yesterday, I want to thank Jean and Amy.  Jean is Kristin’s second cousin and Amy is Kristin’s husband’s sister.  They are a family of very generous and compassionate people, all of them.  Even Kristin’s Mom and Dad volunteered their time at the fundraiser, and for the past three years! 

Thank you also to the others that called the clinic to make a contribution to help cover the cost of the two spays yesterday.  It means a great day to me.  The cost of cat food is so expensive when you have to buy the quantity I need to feed close to 100 cats a day.   It’s now over $150 (before tax) to cover MAYBE four days’ worth of wet and dry food for the homeless critters.  I need all the help I can get.

More pictures from this morning:

Mr. Fluffypants #2

1st Parsells feeding spot

Kitten from 2nd & Central at my 3rd and Central feeding spot
(All three kittens ran down the block to get here)

Have a good day everyone.

“Despite our disapproval with what 
God allows us to endure, he still remains the same God that is not interested in our convenience, as much as our character.” 


  1. Janine you should not be paying tax on cat food and supplies!!! You are now tax exempt correct? I dont know how you go about getting a tax exempt certificate but I am sure you could ask someone from another rescue group.

  2. Janine this is what you want. You make copies and give to any store you buy from. Some stores (Walmart and Wegmans) will set up an account card for you that you just hand to the checkout person. ST-119.1, Exempt Organization Exempt Purchase Certificate. Purchases by organizations with an Exempt Organization Certificate. Available only by calling 1 (518) 485-2889 Good luck, Norma

  3. love that last quote.. I really need to remember that sometimes