Monday, August 22, 2016

TWO More Rescues!

SO much going on this weekend.  Lord.  Help Me. 

Baldwin Kitty

Melville Kitty

So Saturday morning, I was able to rescue another TWO kitties from the street.  One, the fluffy red kitty from Melville, and another short haired buff kitty on Baldwin.  I could NOT have done this without a girl named Jennifer.  Jennifer found me SOMEHOW - either through my blog or Facebook (God, the power of social media, eh?), and connected with me.  Since then, she connected with a no-kill shelter in Buffalo, Hart, told them of my need to get one or two kitties out of Melville where I had trouble last week with a neighbor, and they agreed to take them in.  All I had to do was get them.  And I did!  Woo hoo.  Although I had fallen in love with fluffy red kitty, I pray they are good to him and that he isn't as frightened as I know he was when I picked him up and he had to stay in that carrier for many hours until his arrival at the shelter at 10 am. that morning.  I am hoping to get some updates today.  PS, the grey kitty still there - I am not sure if it belongs to the neighbor on the other side.  Waiting to confirm.

Can't wait to get the total of rescues already this year.  I am thrilled.  Each and every time I am able to take a cat off the street from the misery they live in.

Spencer on the streets

Spencer.  If you remember, I rescued Spencer from the corner of Pennsylvania and Second Streets.  He would run to me each morning, very shy at first, but soon thereafter, he was rolling around on the ground at my feet when I arrived.  I could tell he was very young, playful, and hungry.  I wondered if he was someone’s kitty.  But around this area, it was highly unlikely.  He was there, every single morning.  One morning I went there and threw (I don’t’ mean that literally) into a carrier because it was a TNR Tuesday, and I brought him to the clinic to be neutered.  It killed me to return him but I had no one to take him.  About two weeks later I received a message on FB from a retired priest who wanted a companion for his single kitty.  The very next week, I grabbed Spencer and brought him to this man’s house, and after two nights, he said, please take him back.  Its not going to work out.  His cat did NOT like Spencer.  So Spencer came back to my house.  About a week or two later, a woman reached out and said she would like to adopt, but was leery because of her cat, so I offered to ‘lend’ him out and see how he would do with her.  The first few days were a little hissy, but soon after, he was adjusting quite well.  She was falling in love.  She noticed though that he was scratching himself, as if he had fleas, and he wasn’t gaining any weight, but loved the cooked chicken and burger she was feeding him.  She made an appt. for him and when he was examined, his mouth was very yellow.  JAUNDICE.  They ran some bloodwork and the doc called me last week to give the results.  After asking a vet friend to explain those results to me in English (the original vet is very intimidating and I was not comfortable asking questions, unfortunately), she said there could be a blockage in a biliary duct, and to also consider cirrhosis, hepatitis, or cancer.  Either way she said, it didn’t look good. 

Spencer saved

I told the potential foster I would take him back.  She reluctantly agreed.  She didn’t say this because she didn’t love him, or that she wouldn’t care for him as best as she could, but she was taking a two week trip in a few weeks and with a very sick cat, it wouldn’t be right.  And he was still my cat.  So Sunday, after a few tears between us both, I brought him back to my house.  I fed him cooked chicken and he gobbled it up.  Since, he’s been hissing a bit at my brood, but he’s doing OK.  I don’t know what next step will be.  I will say though, when I feel he is suffering, and he has stopped eating, I will make a decision then.  I will be doing a bit of research on this, and watching.  Keep him in your kitty prayers.

Have a nice day.

"I'm not an activist; 
I don't look for controversy.
I'm not a political person,
but I'm a person with compassion.
I care passionately about equal rights.
I care about human rights.
I care about animal rights."
~Ellen DeGeneres


  1. Make an appt w/Dr Gshrey @ SouthTowne Vet hosp for Spencer. He worked miracles for my kitty that had liver issues! I think he one of the best around!

  2. I agree with the last comment. Some liver issues ARE TREATABLE and it could be an infection treatable with antibiotics Janine. Since he is a young otherwise healthy kitty I really think you should try to save him.And you need to have a vet who you can feel comfortable asking questions to. Also, waiting in this case is most likely not a good thing to do.

  3. Denamarin (OTC) from any pet supply mailorder) is very good for liver support.

  4. I just looked up HEART Animal Rescue and they look great. They have two adoption locations in Williamsville and Hamburg and look like a great non profit no kill group and the two kitties were lucky to be taken in by them.

  5. How wonderful of Jennifer to reach out to you and make that connection! I'm so sorry about Spencer. I hope there is something easy out there for him, and if not I wish him lots of quality time before his end.