Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TNR Tuesday

Well, this morning at 4 am. I set two baby traps under the bushes for the two kittens I saw Sunday morning on Parsells, and one larger one on the porch.  I then drove to Seventh to set another baby trap for the remaining kitten there.  I then zoomed to my first regular spot on Parsells to feed the fluffy red kitty who can’t get enough of the love I give him, and then to the next spot, and finally to the spot where I placed the traps twenty minutes earlier, and I caught a sweet tabby who I’ve already TNR’d.  I let him out, and reset the trap.  I then went off to Garson to feed, and then to Baldwin.  

BARACK from Baldwin

This white boy who has been hanging around a lot lately was just standing there, so in he went into the carrier.  Nice kitty, but definitely needs neutering.  There are two more there, a young boy that looks a lot like Spencer, the red kitty who is still on trial with his potential adopter, and an older black cat who reminds me very much of Blackie, the kitty from Stout Street that lived under the porch of the vacant house until those nasty people bought the place and told me everything had to go.  My friends Sandra and Jim took Blackie and made him a part of their family in Branchport, NY.  Speaking of, here is Blackie today, on Sandy’s lap.  Blackie was a scratcher and probably a biter until he went to live with them.  But I loved Blackie – he ran to me each morning for food water and distant love.  What a great ending for Blackie. 


Speaking of Spencer, he came out for food, and some loving.  That is the report I received yesterday from his potential mom.  Good news.

I went back to check on Seventh Street for the remaining kitten, the sibling of Jace and Lucy, and the two I found half eaten by raccoons prior to their rescue, and lo and behold, he was in the trap!  WHAT A CUTIE!  Scared, but I've been able to pet him through the cage.   I transferred him to another carrier when I got him home.  I've named him Bittens because I think its a cute name, and for my fear of being bitten, which he DID NOT DO.  :)  I am not sure what I will do with him at this point.  I need to find a place for him fast.  Hoping he can join his sibs, but I know I have asked a lot of my foster friend who has three kittens right now.

BITTENS from Seventh

When I finished up and went back to Parsells, I found this guy!  I know he is friendly too, just a big lug, and hopefully a good candidate for neutering also.  You just never know (its hard to cop a feel for them when they are in a cage and its dark out!).

PEPPER from Parsels

Thats all the time I have -- have a great day.


  1. Good Job! Bittens is adorable - lucky him that you got him; onto a much better life.

    1. Nancy,

      Second all your comments above! Thank you very much for all the support you give Janine.

      Walt Simoni

  2. You named the little white boy from the hood Barack? HAHAHA! That's just hilarious.

    Good news on Spencer and Bittens! I'm glad to see that Blackie is enjoying his new life.