Tuesday, August 9, 2016

TNR Tuesday

"Justice will not be served
until those who are 
unaffected are as outraged 
as those who are."

This morning went fairly well.  I think back on how many mornings of my life I have been getting up at 3 am to head out at 4 am. to feed cats in the dark in the city of Rochester.  Its between 3:40 and 3:50 when I have been laying on the couch after getting dressed and read, and I am just going off into dreamland when I am awakened by a body clock to get up and get going.   The cats are waiting.  They are hungry. Get up!   Get going!  I want nothing more than to go back to sleep, thinking its all been a dream.  I don’t feed homeless cats, never did.  Boy do I wish I never started.  But I did, over 15 years ago (haven’t I been using the number 15 for a couple of years now?). 

I had to do an accounting per the request of the law firm working on establishing me as a 501c3 tax exempt status because the IRS asked for an accounting for 2015, 2016, and projection for 2017.  (why do they need this???).  I totaled up what the food costs me each week, and the actual number of TNR’s I did in 2015, and the rescues which would also have cost me veterinary bills, and it was well over $20K per year.  WOW. That’s a lot of money out of my own pocket.  That’s a new house to replace my ‘first’ home that now looks like it will be my ‘last’ home.  That’s a lot of trips here and there I could have taken.  That’s a lot of gifts I would have bought my family and friends to show them how much I appreciate them – just because I love to give.   I used to give to animal charities left and right, but had to stop that also.   That’s a lot of sleep I have lost, especially worrying about these cats during a snowstorm or blizzard , or nights when its below zero.  Saying those last words…  I WILL REPLACE THOSE SHELTERS FOR THOSE CATS NO MATTER WHAT!  Arrest me!  I will not let an animal not have a choice to find protection from the weather, or I will not let an animal starve to death or suffer on my watch.  OK.  That’s ranting, but it’s the truth.  

Back to what I have lost.  I have also lost my faith in our city governance, how after all these years I I have been fighting to help animals, FIGHTING, and its still the same.  Nothing has changed.  Nothing.  They are still unprotected and still considered rodents or pests in this city.  Rescuers are still not being recognized for all the work we do. 

What I have gained?  A ton of friends who care so much for animals.  A compassion so deep that I am willing to be arrested for what I believe in.  To protect an innocent being from suffering.  Those shelters must be returned to that lot. 

I need to move on from this subject for now.  But PS, no one from the media has contacted me, nor has the piece I shared a few days ago made the editorials of the Democrat & Chronicle.  We are working on getting a meeting with a woman who is in charge of the city lots.  After that meeting, we will work on setting up a meeting with the Mayor.  Thanks Kris for getting those balls rolling.

Clinic day today – little Janie from my mother’s back yard in Webster – this one grey, the remaining kittens all black.  Momma was spayed soon after their birth.  She is feeding them, and we now must get them fixed.  The other kitty is a tiny little black kitty, friendly, but Leo’s caretaker who lives on Oxford Street is highly allergic and must not allow the little boy in her house, but she does want it fixed, so he is Number Two at the clinic today.


I saw the three baby kittens this morning, they were on the porch along with a HERD of raccoons.  There must have been SEVEN raccoons I had to chase away off the porch on Parsells.  I will reset traps again for these  babies.  I was astounded to see these vicious creatures inches away from these frightened kittens.  I have seen what raccoons can do to them.  It’s not pretty.  I must get these kittens trapped but its so difficult with at least 10 adult cats there with them.  And where is their mother?  I must get her too.  I can’t do all of this alone!!  I need help!

I saw a pregnant hooker this morning.  I just cannot imagine the depths of misery someone must be in to be turning tricks when you have an innocent babe inside your belly.  Its sickening.

I must end this and begin my day.  Make it a good one.


  1. At least Mayor Warren did something. She could have simply ignored you like the media has. Maybe you can educate her. Tell her how many cats really are running around, tell her the exact #'s of what you have accomplished and can accomplish with a little help. Tell her how you are the ears & eyes of these neighborhoods and how you have helped beautify some of them by cleaning up the lots that you have shelters on. Tell her what you would like, spelled out. Shoot for the moon. How about 10 spots a month? How about a guarantee that on City owned, vacant lots, you can leave shelters in place? How about giving you a deep discount on those lots if you wanted to purchase them? She got you ten spots, say @ $50 a spot, is roughly $500. It's a start. Maybe some people could get together and build you some new shelters or donate or find materials so they can be replaced? Does anyone know any Boy Scout troops or wood shop classes that would be willing to help? Hell, maybe she could help out with that too. Isn't Edison Tech a 'technical' school? Give her a chance to make it right by giving her all the facts and a list of what you'd like to see happen. You may be surprised.... or disappointed but at least then maybe some others will take notice.

  2. Praying for you now while you're meeting with the reporter! Hope it's not raining there; I can hear thunder but I'm pretty far south. Can't wait to see you on TV!