Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another Rescue

Besides the update on rescuing Peaches yesterday, who really needed to be rescued, I am keeping this short and sweet.  Well, maybe not sweet.

Its raining out.  It started mid-way through my route this morning.  A light rain, but nevertheless wet.  My mind drifted back to the few bowls I left here and there on the side of the road when I saw a cat on my first half.  The food would be soaked by now.  Poor things.  The tiny kittens are still on Bay Street, amongst the tires.   I need help. They need help.  Someone with a bit of time and patience.  I have a foster for them already.  The four kittens I currently have being fostered I am hoping will be shown this weekend for possible adoption.  Fingers crossed!

Peaches This Morning
Peaches had a wound under his chin, on his chest, that needed two stitches.  His skin is scabby due to fleas.  (although I don't seen any now - they treat that at the clinic).  He used the litter box but it was a mess maybe due to the toxins in his body releasing from the meds he was put on.  After I 'caught' him on Pennsylvania Avenue and placed him in the carrier yesterday, he was brought to the clinic for neutering.  He tested negative for leukemia but positive for FIV, which means nothing.  It means something if you live outside because you can pick up any germ out there and get very sick, but nothing if you are a nice kitty and live in a nice, warm, clean house.  They say FIV kitties are more susceptible to disease, etc. but I have at five of my own FIV kitties living here with me, and they are as healthy as horses, and have been.  They are old and fat and living the life.  I have a girl to foster Peaches, and I am looking forward to getting to know him better when his skin clears, his fur is fluffy and clean and beautiful, and he feels better.  He doesn't feel so good this morning, but loves the little scratches I am giving him.  Its so rewarding to see them a week or two later when they are thriving from being rescued off the streets.  I have hundreds of adopters that can attest to that.

My Jeep, the Catmobile, has some major issues.  The radiator exploded at the shop it was at.  So new radiator, thermostat, labor - $500, and we don't even know if that is the culprit of the symptoms its been showing the past summer.  I wish I had a million dollars so I could pay off my house, my debts, get a new vehicle.  All my troubles - well, those troubles, would be resolved.  There are many more but I have to take those day by day.

Sorry, I'm a dreamer.  (Isn't there a Beatles song?)

Have a good day.

"Every day may
not be good,
but there is
something good
in Every day."


  1. You should have told the guy at the shop to forego you paying labor on the job since you are getting the Cats (Kittens) out of there for him. That is the least he could have done for you.

  2. I'm so glad you've got a foster for poor Peaches. Hope he perks up soon. The meds could actually be causing his litter box mess. Antibiotics can especially be rough on the intestines.

    That sucks about your Jeep. I wish you had a million dollars too!