Monday, August 8, 2016

The Bean Post

Good weekend but so much to think about.  Not sure what day it was, but late last week, I noticed a dog at a lot (on the other side of a garage, way in the back) next to where I feed at one of my spots.  It was an old sounding deep bark that startled me as there was never a dog there before.  I checked on it, and this old, big pit bull was in a large dog carrier.  Very short chain.  Broken food dishes outside of it, but in the dark, and with the crappy flashlight I have, it was hard to see what was around.  The next day, after an overnight thunder storm with heavy rain, the dog was there again.  This time I got closer to see that whatever bowls it had were overturned, so I got brave enough to get very close to the dog and placed a dish of water and some cat food down.  Dog appears to be friendly.  Tail wagging, and a happy moaning coming from him as I placed the food  and water.  Along with that, I placed a note written in Spanish on the porch alerting the homeowners in a kind manner that I could see they have a new dog and that I hoped it was being taken good care of.  I cannot ruffle feathers at this location.  Trust me.   I wrote in English that I noticed there was no food or water.  The next morning, no dog.  I thought, well maybe they took it in for the night.  This morning, the dog was there again.  Again, I need to keep my eye on this.  I know a lot of people are urging me to quickly call the humane society, etc. but I need to monitor this on my own.  I have cared for over eight cats here for many many years, and cannot jeopardize what I’ve established here.  I will take all comments into consideration, but need to be cautious, for now.

Seventh Street.  I was walking out from where I feed on this street, and there was a man walking past and sort of stopped, and I said good morning!  He returned my greeting, with a confused look.  I said I am feeding cats!  We had a few awkward exchanges, and then he finally realized, under the haze of his boozy breath, what I was actually doing/.  He had mentioned a few times that it looked suspicious.   After telling him what I do, the man reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and handed me the change he had, eight dollars, and told me to use it for the cats.  I was astounded!  Its five in the morning, and this man was acknowledging the good I was doing!  What a nice surprise that was.  He then was telling me had has two dogs and a bird, a Sever Maccaw? and that this daughter has asthma, and he decided he was not going to get rid of his dogs like so many people do.  He stated he didn't even know if it was due to the dogs.  He said his daughter was ok, but that he felt the bird should go, so he asked me if I could find a good home for it.  I will be writing him to give him my information to write me, but please spread the word, this man would like to find this bird a good home.  The bird is about three years old.  Nice surprise that was.

The kitties are still waiting for me each morning on Short.  I am contemplating all sorts of ideas here. Here they are this morning.

UPDATE on Mayor Warren - RAS - I received a call from Rochester Animal Services, from a nice woman that works there, who was asked by the man who runs the place, who was asked by Mayor Warren to call me.  She listened to my plight, sympathized sincerely, but could only offer me a few free clinic spots, of which I very grateful for, but it doesn't take away the fact that my shelters, worth hundreds of dollars, were taken by the city and displaced at least six cats.  I have received some awesome responses on Facebook, and there is so much to consider.  I would love to meet Mayor Warren with a small group of knowledgeable people to discuss the animals issues we face.  I hope this can come to fruition VERY SOON.

Media I have not heard back from the handful of people I reached out to.  Lots of folks have suggested others, and it would be SO helpful if you contacted them for me see if the newsperson is even interested.   I have so much on my plate.  I thank you in advance.  I was on Brother Wease in February but they didn't seem to care, nor promote me, one iota.  In fact, they took my broadcast which they put on Facebook, down after a day.

I am still trying to trap two small baby kittens on Parsells, of which I see one or the other every other day.

So, I leave you with some new pictures from this morning:  Be sure to click on each pic to see up close.

Baldwin Baby

Central Park Baby

Mr. Fluffypants #2

Have a nice day.

“Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things we don’t expect to see.”

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