Thursday, August 18, 2016

TGIAF (Thank God Its Almost Friday)

Mr. Grey

Mr. Fluffy Red

I did my usual feedings this morning, including my first stop where that witch next door lives.  She was sleeping peacefully, as most everyone is at that time of day, but not the cats.  I fed Mr. Red Fluffy and Mr. Grey who run to me when I arrive.  I leave there knowing that witch will come out of her house after she awakens, and the first thing on her mind will be to go out of her house, go next door, under the carport, and throw the food and water out.   These two cats are not the only ones that are dependent on this food and water.  I see many, but they wait for me to leave.  There is even a baby baby kitten.  I need to trap there for the mom who had a kitten(s?) and/or the baby.  How will I do that with this witch trying to thwart my efforts?  I need a plan.

By the way, the two cats pictured above were left when their 'owner' moved out of his rented place here.  He left four cats behind to fend for themselves.

I have to say this.  I am not a confrontational person.  I will do anything to avoid it.  But, if you are hurting something or someone I love, I am like a mama bear.  My anger – practically non-existent for the most part – comes out in heaps when you are in my face trying to jeopardize my love, my passion, my cats.  I was called in to work to help out for a very early meeting this morning, so was not able to stop there and probably get into it again with this broad after checking the food and water and finding her having thrown it all out.  But she better realize she has a fight on her hands if she continues.  I won’t go away until I am satisfied the cats are taken care of.  I need to rescue Mr. Fluffy Red and Mr. Grey.  I need fosters right now, immediately.  Please spread the word.



I rescued this blue-eyed beautiful, dirty, white deaf cat from Baldwin a couple of weeks ago, had him neutered, and adopted him out.  Here is what his new mom has to say.  I have to say...  wow.  These cats can go from the streets, to a warm and loving home, and adapt so easily.  I hope you will consider adopting a street kitty from me.

"Just a little update on the man. He is venturing out of his zone these days. He is still weary of the dogs, but owning them more day by day. I have found he can hear very high pitched sound when I speak to him, but I've also started adding some signs to our routine (simple ones for "food" and "come" so far) which he is picking up quickly. He enjoys eating soft food like it's going out of style, body rubs and bossing Luna the pittie around! He is coming into his own and I am loving him ❤"

Thank you Kristi for giving Barack a home!

The article from the D & C came out and while I have high praise for 'my' reporter Todd, the City is sticking to their story and doesn't look like they will budge.  They need to learn the facts, and they need to implement what other major cities have done across the country to help the rescuers do their part in trying to curb the feline population which is exploding more and more each day that something isn't being done.  Come on.  WAKE up.  Rats or no rats, it doesn't matter. These cats need protected shelters.  Leave em alone!

Have a nice day.

"Animals, they are one of the
most beautiful gifts we have and,
you know, if there are people that
have compassion, there are very
few people that put their money
into animal rescue organizations.
And if there is someone that has
that passion, animals need all
the help they can get."

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  1. Aww, it makes me so happy to see Barack settling into his new home. And I'm glad he's putting the dogs in their place. LOL!