Wednesday, August 17, 2016

IGNORANCE - Nothing Less


Big Red #2 spent the night on my porch.  He was trapped and brought to the clinic yesterday morning for neutering, but guess what, he was already neutered.  This old boy, who I have been feeding for many years, at least got his shots updated and flea and dewormed.  He was very happy to be let back out this morning.

Kittens needing homes!  Rescued from Central, and Seventh.




So I received a call last evening from a woman who lives next door to one of my spots who talked so fast and loud I couldn't a word in edgewise.  This is where my shelters were just trashed yesterday.  I had left a note, with my number, and she took advantage of using it.  Her tone was threatening and basically said I had better not put out food or water for the cats because they were attracting raccoons.   When I pulled up there this morning, the green tote, the only tote that was not ruined, was thrown by the curb along with the trashed ones.  I placed it back under the vacant house carport along with food and water for the two abandoned cats that run to me when I arrive.  I went on my regular rounds, and swung back before heading into work to find the shelter, and all the food, thrown again to the side of the road.  I placed things back, and saw this woman coming out of her house, and we both looked at each other and just knew.  She immediately got right in my face, I asked her if she planned on getting any closer so I could call police, and she went on and on, screaming, cussing, etc.  with phone in hand and calling police.  She could not listen to reason.  If she had shut up for one moment, we could have resolved this.  I told her - TRIED to - that property was not her business, and told her all the good I have done since feeding on this street, getting at LEAST 10-15 cats spayed and neutered, and AT LEAST 10 cats rescued.  She would listen to nothing.  Not even the fact that I was trying to get the orange and grey cats out of there.  I got a word in telling her 'do  you think i want to deal with you??  people like you with that mentality?  I told her she was ignorant, and she got me so mad, a few other choice things came out.  She just never shut up.  Finally, after waiting a few minutes, I told her I needed to leave for work, but that she had given the 911 operator all the information she could on me and if they wanted to find me they would.  I told her I would not stop feeding cats on her street until I could get the two out of there, and then be done.  She is the menace.  By the way, her young daughter stood on the porch hearing the whole thing.  I felt so sorry for her.  Another generation being taught no compassion for animals.  I took her picture, which drove her crazy.  Wondering if there is any law against me posting it here or on FB?  She threatened me with a lawyer if I did.

I cannot for the life of me understand how someone, let alone a female and a mother, could throw out food and water for helpless animals, especially in the heat we have.  Those cats have nothing again today.  I pray they ate something for a few minutes at least after I left earlier.

Thanks Liz, for sending me this great information below from Alley Cat Allies.  Its quite apropos.   We need a change in Rochester!!

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."


  1. Curious, what was the nationality of this woman? And no I'm not Trump building a wall. Be careful she may get physical soon. I pray you catch those 2 cats, and get out of Dodge. However you may think there is just 2 left, but if you have been feeding at this spot for years then off-spring and other kitties may occasionally count on this spot. Did the psyco just move in to that location? You never had problems with this idiot before?

  2. I can't imagine that ,that woman could get a lawyer , if she can only afford to live in that neighborhood. Might just be an empty threat from that miserable shrew !


    if you were on public property, or on property where you had permission to be, any photograph you take is yours to display as you wish. If you share that photo in a way that is defamatory, she could come back at you and force you to take it down or prove that what you are saying is truth.

    If you had permission to put a feeding station in that property, than she is liable for damages she does to those stations, and you are the one that should be calling the police on her. Her legal right to keep you from feeding and 'inviting the raccoons' (like they need an invitation) would be to call the police and report you for being a nuisance... not breaking your stuff.

  4. Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. It used to be young and teenage boys (as well as some men) who did horrible things to cats, but now some young girls and women are just as sick and twisted as the rest of them. For example, there is a female vet in Texas who shot her neighbors cat in the head with an arrow and posted it on Facebook. She had posted how much she likes to kill things--but this has been taken down. A vet!!! Also, there are a number of people who work in animal shelters who are seriously disturbed as well. I met someone who worked at Verona Street and he could tell you some stories... Thank God there are people like you who try to offset all the evil that is out there. My heart breaks for these kitties.

  5. Can you talk to your police officer friend and ask if anyone can intervene on your part to get this crazy woman to leave you and the cats alone for a week so you can find a foster and trap these few cats at least? This is the same exact mentality I dealt with. People who are convinced that if you atop feeding them THERE they will just go someplace else to find food. They just dont want to understand that they are territorial and will stay there starving and getting into garbage if need be to try to survive.

  6. Thank you for informing this shrew that she is the menace and not the darling little cats. It is people like her that keep property values down and attract vermin like herself.

  7. Thank you for informing this shrew that she is the menace and not the darling little cats. It is people like her that keep property values down and attract vermin like herself.