Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TNR Tuesday

I set out with two large traps, and two kittens traps.  At my first location, where I had just recently seen a baby kitten playing on the side of the road, I got out to set the trap, and found this:

Destroyed shelters - tops broken in half

My shelters - destroyed.  I moved one plastic tote back under the vacant house carport, and left a note.  What I failed to write on the note was to ask this:  Are you proud of yourself?  What else are you going to do today to make an impact on this world.  What else will you do to leave your mark on society?  What other 'good' will you do today for the helpless, the homeless, the distraught?  Shame on you.  I will not go away.  Nor from my other spots.  I will not abandon these helpless animals.

I then set a large shelter and two kittens traps on Parsells (where I've seen three baby kittens in past two weeks), and drove off to feed at my other spots.  Came back to the first location where I set the first trap, and nothing.  Packed up the trap.  They are on to me.  I poured the food for the regulars, and drove off to find the army of raccoons at the Parsells location.  Spooked them away, leaving the traps, and went on to the 'back nine' of my spots. 

I decided to set a trap at another location (as you can tell, I am now going to have to be guarded with the City watching me, hoping to destroy more shelters) because I had seen an injured, sweet buff colored boy.  I want to rescue him.  He has an injured ear.  I set the trap, drove off, and did the rest of my spots.  Swinging back to check on the trap, I found Big Red #2!  I've been feeding Big Red for YEARS now at this location.  An old boy, and couldn't remember if I ever got him fixed.  No ear tip, as I shined the flashlight on his head to check, and I thought, well big guy, today is your lucky day.  We will fix you up and then will have to bring you back, probably much to your delight.  Sadly, did not see the injured sweet buff kitty again today.

Big Red #2
Swinging back to Parsells, nothing.  They are on to me too.  There are at least 10 cats I feed there daily. There is a momma in there somewhere, because she had these three kittens that I have yet to trap also.  I need help with this.


Leo - living and loving life in Connecticut.  His new mom has made a vet appointment for him tomorrow to get him squared away.  When they returned from Rochester, she lovingly wiped his infected eyes, and sat with him long enough for him to trust her.  He will meet his feline and canine siblings soon.

Sparky and Jules go in today for neutering.  Thank you Petsnippers. 

Spencer, the kitty that I rescued from Pennsylvania and Second Street a month ago, has been in his 'pre-adoption' home and was brought to the vet by his 'pre-mom?' - is that what you call it?  :0   He was brought in initially because he was itching a lot.  The vet determined he has jaundice?  He went through a series of blood tests, and we will wait to hear how that goes.  Jaundice?  In a cat?

I have not yet heard about the interview done by the Democrat and Chronicle.  Stay tuned.

"How much further along 
would we be if men showed
some concern for other
forms of life and renounced
all the evils they inflict on so
many living creatures from
sheer thoughtlessness."
Albert Schweitzer


  1. Jaundice in a cat usually indicates that there is a serious liver issue. Hope it is treatable and that Pre-Mom can afford to do it. Will pray for little Spencer.

  2. What's your next step with the City? Didn't someone try to make contact with them in regard to the vacant lots?

  3. Just wondering were the shelters that were destroyed last night or yesterday on City or privately owned property? It seems like the best option at this point would be to try to find some more sympathetic homeowners or tenants on privately owned property to let you set up shelters there. I realize that is easier said than done.
    I LOVE that Albert Schweitzer quote.

  4. My heart breaks that you aren't getting support from the town for what you are doing. I hope the publicity you are getting changes that... and soon!

  5. Hope you have some back up with you this morning after that woman called you. Unbelievable what some people will do. I'm praying for your safety and also that God will give you wisdom and will show you the perfect solution for keeping these cats safe.