Friday, August 26, 2016


I have a vacation day today but its going to be a stressful one for me.  I have a few things I have to prepare for, one of them being a guest on a local radio show.  I need to prepare what I am going to say for this important - what I consider important - message I am trying to convey to people.  That Cats Lives Matter, and that we need to step up and help them.  More residents of the city need to, and more leaders of this city need to.   Wish me luck.  The things I will do for a cat.  Good God.

Someone pointed out that the Mayor does not know all the people I have helped out on the streets over all these years.  I would give my last dime to a person I could tell is in need.  And I have.  Look at Miss B.  Look at Wally.  Look at homeless Will.  Look at all the prostitutes and homeless men I've helped.  Read my blog since 2008.  I've given out my own pair of gloves, handed out more hats to people, I care about people and I care about animals.  I care about people and animals who are down and out.  I am not just going out there and throwing food down.   I am spaying and neutering and reducing the population as much as one person can do.  I am trying to give a little bit of love to an animal who is dying for it.  Dying for a little food, and attention - to help it through its journey from birth on the streets to its death on the streets.  We can't just look the other way, that is cruelty at its best.

Lastly, for today, I wanted you to know I have been offered a meeting with the Mayor of our city.  It will be in September, late, and I am honored, yet also nervous, because I need to have my ducks in a row, which isn't always easy for me under stressful conditions, and I need to keep myself in check.  No emotion.  Just facts.  I need to have an easy presentation to present.  Facts and figures.  I want to thank everyone who has offered advice, written letters - since the city removed my shelters - all of that is how this meeting even became possible.  So much support.  I really want this city to make a change in how its dealing with the cat population.  I know its important to anyone who has ever placed a plate or food or a bowl of water for an animal in need.  Anyone who has taken in an orphaned animal.  Please God let this be possible for all those sweet and helpless animals on the streets right now. 

Have a good day.

PS, we still have many kittens available for adoption - Jules, Jinx, Jace and Lucy! 


  1. All great news - the Mayor!! I sure hope something positive comes from that; maybe they've gotten so much feedback, they decided to listen....and maybe take some positive action? Good luck with Kimberly & Beck....I'll be listening. You'll do fine!! Love you.

    1. I sincerely doubt the Mayor will attend the meeting. However, it is imperative to commence some dialogue with City representatives so they get a real understanding of Janine's work in the Beechwood area. Even if the City follows Batavia's model where they do not utilize tax dollars to curb the population of Stray Cat's, they allow folks like Janine to operate without being obstructed as the City has recently done to Janine.

      Walt Simoni

  2. Janine,

    Good luck on your interview today. You will do just fine representing all the Kitties you have been saving over the last 2 decades.

    Lastly, if you go to Wham1180.1heart and then click on Lonsberry and go to Show Recap for 08-24-16 under the 3rd hour very end 10:55A.M. you will hear what that MORON said after hanging up on me about Cat's on your route. Very disturbing to say the least.

    Walt Simoni

  3. Maybe he ought to be INFORMED that it is NOT "your choice" in this country if "you choose to eat a cat in the Beechwood section of Rochester" as he so moronically put it? I finally got to listen to Walt's callin and the idiot Lonsberry's response. What a moron.

  4. Mayor Warren is pushing VERY hard for a casino! So poor Mayor is very busy!The City needs all the $ it can get. Is she not concerned that Sovereign land would be tax exempt!?!?! As Walt says, I wonder if she will actually be at that meeting herself? Hope so. Maybe she will be - maybe she'll have read about other cities and Disneyland/World where feral colonies are par for the course. You'll do well on the radio today, Janine. We believe in you.
    Lynne and Sawyer